5 academic disciplines that attract students’ interest in “Najah”

5 academic disciplines that attract students’ interest in “Najah”
5 academic disciplines that attract students’ interest in “Najah”

Five academic disciplines grabbed the attention of students on the first day of Najah Abu Dhabi 2021, which was launched in Abu Dhabi yesterday, with the participation of 70 local and international universities. Students chose the disciplines of medical sciences, engineering, artificial intelligence, economics, space sciences, and oriental languages.

Yesterday, Minister of Education Hussain Al Hammadi inaugurated Najah Abu Dhabi 2021, which will continue until Friday, at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center, with the participation of 70 local and international universities with sessions, in addition to cultural workshops under the supervision of the Ministry of Education and the British Council.

In detail, the first day of the Najah exhibition witnessed a large turnout of students to learn about the academic disciplines offered by the participating universities. The universities provided academic advisors to provide explanation and advice to high school students and graduates wishing to complete their postgraduate studies, on the best available academic programs and the new specializations that they need. The labor market to choose among them, and help them make their own decisions regarding their academic and professional career.

During their questions, the students focused on inquiring about the classification of universities globally and regionally, before conducting the initial registration processes, in addition to inquiring about the academic credits for each program, the areas that can be worked in after graduation from each specialization, the number of academic hours for each program and its financial cost, which prompted the participating universities to The exhibition aims to announce discounts and scholarships to encourage students to join them.

It acquired subspecialties in medical sciences such as epidemiology and clinical pharmacology, space engineering, information technology and artificial intelligence, space sciences, accounting, political and international economy, earth and environmental sciences, in addition to foreign languages, especially Korean, Chinese and Japanese; on students’ interest.

Khalifa University reviewed its new academic programs in the doctorate and master’s degrees, in addition to all its research programs. The university’s registration officials briefed the students and their families on doctoral programs in 15 fields, in addition to a Doctor of Medicine program, 17 master’s programs, and 16 bachelor’s programs.

While Abu Dhabi University provided a detailed and comprehensive explanation for visitors of the exhibition about its new programs in the Colleges of Engineering and Health Sciences, including: sciences in public health, sciences in environment, health and safety, medical laboratory analysis, molecular and medical genetics, nutrition and dietetics, and engineering disciplines offered by the university. Finally, after being approved by the Academic Accreditation Authority in the Ministry of Education.

University officials introduced visitors to the various bachelor’s, diploma, master’s and doctoral programs, in addition to scholarships and financial aid offered by the university.

For his part, Senior Vice President for Academic and Student Services at Khalifa University, Dr. Ahmed Al-Shuaibi, said that the university is keen to provide the necessary manpower capable of leading the knowledge economy in the country by providing members of an academic body of experts, research facilities and modern and advanced laboratories, which qualified it to be in Pioneering in providing a high-quality learning environment.

He added that the university provided a platform for students wishing to complete their studies that allows them to interact with members of the academic and administrative bodies, and learn more about the university’s admission processes for undergraduate, master’s, doctoral and medical students, stressing that the exhibition is an appropriate opportunity to reach the brightest minds eager to pursue their higher studies in unique specializations.

For her part, the Director of the Department of Academic Guidance and Student Attraction at the University of Sharjah, Dr. Nadia Farhat, stated that the university currently has 13 colleges offering 111 majors, and 17,000 students are registered, pointing out that the university has opened the College of Computing in line with the aspirations of the next fifty years, and specializations will be offered. New courses in it, such as Big Data, Security Engineering, and new courses in innovation and IT, in order to prepare students for future jobs, most of which depend on IT, as research departments at the university are working to keep pace with the aspirations of the global labor market.

• Universities provided academic advisors to provide explanation and advice to high school students.

Abu Dhabi University

The Director of Abu Dhabi University, Professor Waqar Ahmed, confirmed that the “Najah” exhibition is a unique opportunity for all academic institutions wishing to enhance means of communication with students and their families, as well as various institutions and stakeholders in the education sector and its workers, noting that the university displays many during its participation in the exhibition. Among its academic programs that have local and international accreditation, with full details of each program and the future opportunities associated with it in the labor market.

He said that the university is working to anticipate the future and learn more about its needs in a way that enhances development efforts and introduces programs that meet these needs, supplement post-graduation employment rates among students, enrich their skills and knowledge to succeed in the labor market and contribute effectively to the growth and development process that the country is witnessing, especially as we witness a year Planning for the next fifty years.

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