“Operation Hercules” topples the head of the Ukrainian Anti-Doping Agency

“Operation Hercules” topples the head of the Ukrainian Anti-Doping Agency
“Operation Hercules” topples the head of the Ukrainian Anti-Doping Agency


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The Ukrainian Ministry of Sports announced on Wednesday the resignation of the head of the Anti-Doping Agency, Ivan Korlychuk, over accusations by “WADA” of violations over the years.

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) said Ukraine’s National Anti-Doping Organization (NADEC) had given athletes advance notice of what were supposed to be random out-of-competition tests, in a scheme dating back nearly a decade.

Ukraine’s Sports Minister Vadim Gutzait said in a statement that “NAdec” violated international standards for testing, and therefore “NAdec director Ivan Korlychuk and his deputy, Yaroslav Kruchik, resigned today.”

“The Ministry confirms that we take a clear position in the fight against doping, and will not allow anyone to violate the anti-doping rules,” the statement said.

The WADA investigation, dubbed Operation Hercules, revealed evidence that NADEC had been routinely informing athletes since 2012 of test dates.

Instead of randomized out-of-competition testing, a mainstay in anti-reactivation, the Ukrainian agency is calling the athletes to arrange for testing at the organization’s offices the next day.

Investigators also found that the Ukrainian agency classified at least six samples of competing athletes as out of competition, before the “Tokyo 2020” Olympics, which were postponed for a year due to the Corona pandemic. And “WADA” re-analyzed the six samples concerned, but they came back negative.

The results of Operation Hercules will now be handed over to the World Agency’s Compliance Review Committee for possible sanction.

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Operation Hercules topples Ukrainian AntiDoping Agency

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