Lebanon: Minister of the “compact” government and the “sovereign” country!

Lebanon: Minister of the “compact” government and the “sovereign” country!
Lebanon: Minister of the “compact” government and the “sovereign” country!

George Kordahi, the Lebanese Minister of Information, used his considerable media experience, in an attempt to ward off the repercussions of the political crisis provoked by his statements on the “People’s Parliament” program on Al-Jazeera. The million?” He was not successful and added, with his subsequent statements, “mud be worse,” as he raised the level of questions not only about his political biases, but about his position, the government he represents, and the fate of the country.
The new case reminded us of an incident that has not yet subsided, when the former Lebanese Foreign Minister, Charbel Wahba, who is affiliated with the current President of the Lebanese Republic, Michel Aoun, last May, in a television interview, insulted his opponent, the Saudi political analyst Suleiman Al-Ansari, by asking: « I am in Lebanon and one of the Bedouin people insults me?”
The Lebanese journalist tried to camouflage more than his colleague, the former foreign minister, in his opinions, which included defending the Syrian regime’s president, Bashar al-Assad (whom he nominated in 2018 to be the “man of the year”) by talking about the Syrian opposition’s “liver eaters” who were not angels, and about His response to a “cosmic conspiracy”.
Qardahi can “stretch” and “rotate” his statements and use his media and diplomatic capabilities to include Assad’s praises by saying that he is “the last Arab leader standing against Israel” and considering “Hezbollah’s weapons for the benefit of Lebanon” and wishing for a “military coup” in the country “to organize matters and defend people’s rights” He considered the Houthis in Yemen a “resistance movement” against the “Saudi-Emirati aggression on Yemen” without feeling contradictory by praising normalization with Israel and praising the UAE Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Zayed, saying that “normalization is a sovereign affair,” as well as saying that Lebanon needs a figure like the Saudi crown prince. Prince Mohammed bin Salman.
It is not difficult, despite these contradictory statements, to reveal the truth of Qardahi’s views, which add to the racism of his counterpart and the gift of “Al-Fahlwa”, which is one of the requirements for work in entertainment programs on Saudi channels broadcast from the Emirates, including his interpretation of his statements about the Yemen war that he was not a party Rather, he said it “as a friend” and that he considers Saudi Arabia and the Emirates his second country.
It is known that Qardahi’s ministerial was in fact the result of his declared and clear position in support of the local and regional forces in force in Lebanon, from the regime of Bashar al-Assad to “Hezbollah” and Michel Aoun’s current (and not for his courtesy of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states). Therefore, the most clear and realistic statement of Qardahi appeared in his rejection He was pressured to resign and apologize, as he said, because he is from a “sovereign” country and “part of a monolithic government” and therefore he “did not make a mistake to apologize.”
Qardahi’s views represent a continuation of a Lebanese populist trend that arose with the beginnings of modern Lebanon, and was nourished by opinions that store a racial hatred for the Arabs “who came from the Arabian Peninsula” to crowd out the country’s “Phoenicians” owners. Regional countries such as Iran) are a contradictory caricature mixture that combines the cult of power (wishes for a military coup) and tyranny (supporting the Assad regime), raising slogans of resistance and opposition, support for the Houthis and support for Iran, with fake or real support for Abu Dhabi’s normalization with Israel, or the call for the existence of a “strong ruler” » For Lebanon, like the Saudi crown prince.

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