Elon Musk .. The story of “the world’s first trillionaire”

Elon Musk .. The story of “the world’s first trillionaire”
Elon Musk .. The story of “the world’s first trillionaire”

Forbes described Musk as “the owner of the largest financial leap in personal wealth in a single day, absolutely,” as his personal wealth increased by more than 41 billion dollars in less than 24 hours, which opens the door wide to questions about the mechanisms, areas and climates used by the exceptional billionaire. In his personal wealth and rapidly growing business world, which is expected to exceed a trillion dollars in the foreseeable future, which is more than the public budget of dozens of countries combined.

The first added value of Musk’s business is the special quality in which he is engaged, such as the companies “Tesla” and “SpaceX”, and many other companies that Musk created, and they have grown at a tremendous speed in the business world since 2008 in particular, that is, at the height of the American mortgage crisis / Globalism.

While the world of businessmen was immersed in the height of the stifling crisis, which revealed a structural problem, and set a ceiling and closed circle for the traditional business field, such as real estate, electronic programming and heavy industry, Musk’s economic orientations were aimed at the areas of electric cars, solar batteries, space missiles, and the colonization of cosmic regions outside the globe. . Those raw areas that brought Musk’s institutions investments, ideas and visions were the most innovative and innovative in the world.

The other value of Musk’s work comes from the global field in which he presents his works, and his lack of interest and decline in the “national”, or even “continental” fields, due to the essence of his economic initiatives, which means that the “market” that Musk is referring to exceeds any other lake of The “customers” that other companies worldwide seek to operate.

Auto companies and electric generators with types of clean energy tempt most cities and countries that suffer from climate crises, and so many of them, and they are ready for that to even restructure their economies. facilities for that.

Also, his space company intends to build nearly two thousand satellites, to provide internet and communications for the entire human group, without any control or access, which may give it the ability to seize the largest financial share of the telecommunications sector in the world.

The same applies to the high-speed planes that his companies are working on, which will have the ability to circle the globe in just a few hours.

The researcher and writer Shafan Rasoul, explained in an interview with “Sky News Arabia” the link between the growth of personal wealth and the quality of those works, saying, “Mask’s wealth is beyond any limits of imagination, because the quality of his works is impossible to control, crosses borders, laws and national areas. Adventurous, playful and able to interact with everyone, but the most important thing is that those creative works he produces are difficult to enter into stifling crises, because the level of creativity within them allows them to create quick solutions to any dilemma.

Musk’s story began in the mid-nineties when he founded the company “Zyp 2”, funded by financial investors, a software company based on development and media marketing, where Musk was at the time unable to buy an apartment, but the company, after four years of development and growth at the hands of Musk And his brother, it was sold for more than 300 million dollars, of which Musk’s share was 22 million dollars in 1999.

Exactly that year, Musk founded Xcom, which was akin to an electronic bank that attracted more than 200,000 customers in just a few months. And for financial needs, it merged with “Confinity Bank”, to be able to secure deposit funds and financial transfers, and took the name “Paypal”, where within two years it withdrew, it sold a historical record for any startup company, which is 1.5 billion dollars, from which a profit holder obtained more than 100 million dollars during 20 months.

After several rounds and unsuccessful attempts following the sale of that company, during which Musk tried to obtain intercontinental ballistic missiles to send shipments out of air orbit, especially through cooperation with the Russian and American governments, he decided in 2002 to establish his own company to build space rockets “SpaceX”, which It has achieved exceptional successes as of 2008, and has opened up very modern fields, through satellites and the manufacture of missiles capable of going to space in more than one flight, and the development of high-speed aircraft sectors, this is not the field of clean and creative energies.

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