Qatar achieved a trade surplus in September, which amounted to $5.3 billion

Qatar achieved a trade surplus in September, which amounted to $5.3 billion
Qatar achieved a trade surplus in September, which amounted to $5.3 billion

Qatar’s merchandise trade balance, which represents the difference between total exports and imports, achieved a surplus of 199.2% during the month of September compared to August, and amounted to 19.3 billion riyals ($5.3 billion), with a monthly increase of 12.8 billion riyals, and annually. More than 100 million riyals.
The statement of the Qatar Planning and Statistics Authority, today, Wednesday, showed an increase in the value of Qatari exports, which include exports of local origin and re-exports, by 108.9% to about 28 billion riyals, on an annual basis, while it increased by 2.8% compared to last August.
The value of merchandise imports jumped to reach about 8.8 billion riyals, an increase of about 25.7% on an annual basis, and about 8.5% on a monthly basis.
Regarding the value of exports on an annual basis, “oil gases and other gaseous hydrocarbons” recorded 17.3 billion riyals, an increase of 111.2%, and the value of “petroleum oils and oils of bituminous mineral raw materials” increased by 88.9%, nearly 3.5 billion riyals.
China topped the destination countries for Qatari exports, amounting to 4.2 billion riyals, or 15.1%, followed by India with 3.6 billion riyals, then South Korea with 3.5 billion riyals.

The group of “cars and other vehicles mainly designed to transport people” came at the top of the list of imports, with a value of 300 million riyals, an increase of 51%.

China also ranked first in the countries of origin for Qatar’s imports last September with 1.6 billion riyals, or 18.2%, then the United States of America with 1.1 billion riyals, or 12.4%, followed by India with 600 million riyals, or 6.7%.
It is noteworthy that Qatar’s budget achieved a surplus during the second quarter of this year of 3.8 billion riyals, compared to a deficit of 1.12 billion riyals in the corresponding period of 2020, according to data from the Qatari Ministry of Finance.


Qatar achieved trade surplus September amounted billion

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