The Sana’a government praises the position of the Lebanese Minister of Information, George Kordahi

The Minister of Information in the Sana’a government, Dhaif Allah Al-Shami, praises what he described as the “free and honorable position” of the Lebanese Minister of Information, George Kordahi, and the Saudi Foreign Ministry summons the Lebanese ambassador to Riyadh

  • Lebanese Minister of Information George Kordahi (archive)

Today, Wednesday, the Minister of Information in the Sanaa government, Daif Allah Al-Shami, praised what he described as the “free and honorable position” of the Lebanese Minister of Information, George Kordahi, regarding the aggression against Yemen, which he considered a “vain war that must stop.”

Minister Al-Shami denounced, in a statement to the Yemeni News Agency, the attack against the Lebanese minister against the background of his position, which he expressed through a satellite channel, and his affirmation of the continuation of his position on the war on Yemen.

The Yemeni Minister of Information was also surprised by the campaign against Minister Qardahi by “the people in distress and those involved in the US-Saudi aggression coalition against Yemen, as well as those who support normalization with the Zionist enemy.”

He pointed out that “Minister Qardahi’s speech does not include an offense to any country, as some are trying to portray, led by the Saudi regime and its mercenaries,” stressing “the importance of respecting freedom of opinion and expression guaranteed by international and national covenants and laws.”

Al-Shami also pointed out that the Arab media, Qardahi, “was subjected to harassment against the background of his free opinions and positions, which are in the interest of the nation’s issues and non-interference in the affairs of states.”

Al-Shami called on “the free media to take a stand regarding the aggression and siege that Yemen is being subjected to,” calling on the media community and activists to “solidate with Minister Qardahi towards the unjustified media attack against him.”

Simultaneously, the Saudi Foreign Ministry summoned the Lebanese ambassador to Riyadh, to protest against the statements of Minister of Information George Kordahi.

For his part, Qardahi declared his full commitment to the government’s ministerial statement, saying: “It is committed to maintaining the best relations with the brotherly Arab countries, especially Saudi Arabia, the Gulf states and Yemen.”

He pointed out that “the talk that was broadcast took place weeks before the formation of the government, and I gave it in particular.”

Regarding the apology he was asked to present, the Lebanese minister indicated that “I have the moral courage to apologize for a mistake I made while I was in the ministry in an official capacity.”

و .ثار Lebanese Minister of Information, George Kordahi, international and local reactions, after he said during his hosting of the television program “Parliament of the People” that “Ansar Allah group has been defending itself in the face of external aggression against Yemen for years.”

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