Innovative initiatives to promote a culture of political participation

Innovative initiatives to promote a culture of political participation
Innovative initiatives to promote a culture of political participation

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The Ministry of State for Federal National Council Affairs, as part of its great efforts to promote a culture of political participation, has developed a sustainable approach to communication and interaction with all segments of society.
During its 15-year career, the Ministry has been keen to launch innovative initiatives, which come within a comprehensive vision, with the aim of activating the active participation of the people of the country. Within this vision, the Ministry held (165) lectures and workshops in which (28,428) participants participated. It also organized (9) forums to build political awareness for university students, which witnessed the attendance of more than (7278) students.
Strengthening the culture of political participation is a strategic goal of the Ministry, which it has worked to achieve – since its establishment – through the implementation of awareness programs targeting all segments of society to introduce the political empowerment program launched by His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan – President of the State “may God protect him” in 2005 AD Increasing awareness of the nature of parliamentary life in the country, in addition to introducing the elections to the Federal National Council, the functions it exercises and the achievements it has achieved to serve the country and the citizen. These initiatives and programs enjoy high penetration rates, reaching (3) million users of social media channels.
In this context, the Ministry launched a number of innovative initiatives, including: the electoral process trip initiative, which aims to familiarize society with the stages of organizing the Federal National Council elections, the electronic training workshop initiative to introduce parliamentary life in the UAE, and the initiative to test your parliamentary awareness that contributes to employing modern technologies. To enhance political awareness, the smart “Zayed Application and Political Participation” initiative, and virtual reality (VR) technology “You are in the Federal National Council”, which allows participants to experience virtual participation in the sessions of the Federal National Council, in addition to the Ministry’s website, which includes information on all aspects Related to parliamentary work in the UAE, and the issuance of the political participation magazine, as well as the annual electronic newsletter “Tamkeen” and institutional education bulletins. The ministry has also launched several qualitative knowledge initiatives through the optimal use of its social media platforms, including: constitutional culture, electoral culture, and parliamentary terminology.
The Ministry is keen on the continuous development of its initiatives directed at various segments of society by working to educate the employees of government agencies (federal and local) about the Federal National Council, by organizing a program for employee visits to attend its sessions.
The Ministry is also working on organizing and developing a number of events, lectures and workshops on an ongoing basis, which have become the establishment of knowledge and awareness platforms, the most important of which are: the Forum for Building Political Awareness for University Students, the Virtual Election Culture Council, innovation labs, and youth circles organized by the Ministry on a regular basis in cooperation with the Foundation The Federation for Youth, with the aim of identifying the views of young people and their suggestions for employing them in developing the work of the Ministry and developing procedures related to the Federal National Council elections process.


Innovative initiatives promote culture political participation

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