Anker introduces new MagSafe accessories for iPhone

Anker introduces new MagSafe accessories for iPhone
Anker introduces new MagSafe accessories for iPhone

Many tech companies are introducing new accessories that use MagSafe technology to work with the new iPhones.

This is because Apple began focusing on this technology and supported it from most of its smart devices, such as phones and smart watches, in addition to the new MacBook Pro.

MagSafe technology works over a wireless connection with a magnetic ring on the back of the phone, to make power transmission faster than usual.

In addition to being able to hold the phone well to protect it from falling and to be able to keep it and fix it in place well.

Anker is one of the latest companies to offer a variety of accessories that are suitable for all situations and uses.

New Anker Accessories for iPhone MagSafe

All of these accessories work using Apple’s MagSafe technology, so you must own a device that uses this technology, and that means iPhone 13 and 12 only.

Each piece of these accessories comes with a three-digit number representing the code code for the piece within the accessories group that includes the following things:

iPhone Magnetic Grip 610

This grip or circle works in a similar way to the usual Pop Socket grips, where you can insert your finger into the ring to grip the phone well.

And since this ring uses MagSafe technology, the company claims to be able to hold more than 800 grams together.

So you can hold your phone as firmly as you want it to. The phone won’t fall out of your hand completely and stays put no matter the circumstances.

This piece comes in at around $16, and you can get it directly through Anker’s website.

Wireless Car Charger 613

Many people use their phones while driving, in order to get directions through various driving applications.

And it is better that you charge the phone while using it in this way, so this charger helps you to hold the phone well.

Plus, wirelessly charge it while using it to get directions while driving and always have it right in front of you.

And wireless charging technology works via this accessory with a power of 7.5 watts, and you can get it at a price of $ 70 directly through the company’s website.

The power bank that acts as a base for iPhone 622

This power bank acts as an iPhone dock that attaches directly to the phone using the MagSafe connection on the back of the phone.

This 5000mAh power bank also comes with a wireless charging power of 7.5W, so it is bigger in space and less in charging speed.

And you can get it at a price of $ 70 directly through the company’s website, without the need to go to Amazon or other sites.

iPhone holder with wireless charging 623

This stand looks like an external speaker that you use to enjoy music while working at your desk, but in fact it is a phone holder and a wireless charger at the same time.

This 5W charger works wirelessly and can charge any device that accepts different wireless charging technologies.

You can also leave this charger on your desk and stick the phone to it during your long meetings or long business calls.

Get another upgraded version of this charger under the number 633, which comes with a 5000 mAh power bank and two USB C ports.

Shipping Center 637

This charger acts as a multi-device charging hub, with which you can wirelessly charge your phone using MagSafe technology and a power of 7.5 watts.

In addition to charging 8 other devices through the ports on the back of the device, the device also has two full AC Outlet outlets capable of charging two laptops together.

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