I did no wrong to anyone to apologize

I did no wrong to anyone to apologize
I did no wrong to anyone to apologize

‘It is not permissible for anyone to tell us what to do’… Qirdahi: I have not wronged anyone to apologize.

date of publication :
Wednesday 27 October 2021

After the meeting of the National Council for Audio-Visual Media, Information Minister George Kordahi affirmed that “I did not wrong anyone in order to apologize, and I spoke with love and not aggression.”

Qardahi stressed that “it is not permissible for anyone to dictate to us what to do, whether or not a minister remains in the government.”

Qardahi pointed out that “they accused me of coming to suppress the media, and yesterday and today they are trying to suppress my opinion and condemn me for what I said before I became a minister.”

He explained that “the episode that sparked controversy recently was filmed on the fifth of August, that is, before I was appointed as a minister.”

He pointed out that “what I said about the Yemen war, I was not a party to it, but I said it as a friend. I am against the Arab-Arab war, and I did not attack and did not insult the

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