An Egyptian university among 400 prestigious universities globally… and first locally

The results of the ranking of Egyptian universities, according to the US News classification for the year 2021, showed the progress of Cairo University’s ranking globally from 427 to 392, as the university advanced 35 positions from last year with a progress of 9%, while it advanced 119 positions from 2016 with a progress of 25 % while continuing to maintain the first rank at the level of Egyptian universities, as well as advancing its position among the first 400 prestigious universities in the world to become among the best 1.5% of the world’s prestigious universities.

Corona challenges

Muhammad Al-Khasht stressed that despite the circumstances imposed by the Corona virus crisis, Cairo University supports the efforts of scientific research, laboratories and international publishing to maintain the international position it achieved during the last period, as part of the university’s plan that aims to reach universality and compete with the most prestigious international universities. This has now been achieved by actually surpassing a number of major academic institutions in many international rankings in terms of research and societal performance and innovation.

Dr. Mohamed Elkhosht

The President of Cairo University indicated that the university has relied for some time on striving hard to direct scientific research to applied research that achieves a tangible return on the economy and society, and not just an international publication of research, which has contributed greatly to the university’s capture of advanced positions in all disciplines due to quality. The high level of published research and keeping up with the world, which is cited in all international fields.

The President of Cairo University stressed that this continuous progress in various international classifications, including the Chinese “Shanghai” classification, which confirms that Cairo University is among the first 500 prestigious universities in the world. It also ranked 308th globally in the Dutch classification (CWTS) “Leiden”, as well as maintaining the lead over Egyptian universities, due to the work of the university administration to move to the fourth generation of universities, increase incentives and rewards for international publication, and develop and establish laboratories and laboratories at Cairo University.

It is noteworthy that the US-News classification is based on several criteria that focus primarily on the academic success of universities, including local and global reputation, research published each year and its impact, international cooperation, and awarding a doctorate degree, and the evaluation criteria included the reputation of scientific research at the global level. regional reputation, publications, books, conferences, impact of standard citation, total number of citations as a source, international collaboration, and contribution to the best cited papers.

The importance of this classification appears from other international classifications due to its interest in scientific research published globally. This year, the ranking of 1750 scientific institutions from more than 90 countries was published, and an additional 255 universities were added to the classifications of scientific disciplines, and this was done according to 13 various criteria.

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