Report: A group of hackers publishes pictures of the Israeli Defense Minister and threatens him

Report: A group of hackers publishes pictures of the Israeli Defense Minister and threatens him
Report: A group of hackers publishes pictures of the Israeli Defense Minister and threatens him

The Hebrew website Ynet revealed that a group of hackers dubbing themselves the “Moses Staff” had published pictures of Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz with the threat that he was under surveillance.

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The site indicated that the group published in recent days a series of leaks of databases with details about hundreds of thousands of Israelis, as hackers claim that the talk is about information taken from the computers of “Israel Post” and a group of private companies.

According to estimates, the talk is about an Iranian group, which aims to “influence awareness” similar to the groups that attacked the “Sharbet” insurance company and other Israeli companies, according to “Ynet”.

The site pointed out that the group’s new leaks are characterized as aggressive and blatant texts, many of which were written with grammatical errors in Hebrew, such as: “We will continue to fight until the hidden crimes are revealed”… and in another: “We will watch you…wherever you don’t know…This is only the beginning.” With regard to Gantz: “We know all your decisions and in the end we will strike in a place that you do not expect. We have classified files about the Defense Ministry and about Benny Gantz. Information so we can tell the whole world about your crimes.”

Ynet explained that “there was no comment from the Israeli Ministry of Defense on what was reported,” noting that “the attackers published a large amount of information, which they claimed was taken from Israel Post, and that the talk is about large “Excel” files with hundreds of thousands of Records in each of them, which include personal details, e-mail addresses, residential addresses, telephone numbers, and in some cases also personal notes.

According to the site, the attackers published additional information that they claimed was from other Israeli companies, and that this leaked information also includes many files, records and data about customers, personal photo identities, and others.

Meanwhile, Israel Post confirmed that there was no indication of an electronic breach of the company’s systems, and that the source of the published files was not from the company, according to the Ynet report.

For his part, the Israeli “cyber” device responded to the above and said: “In recent months, the device has warned several times of hackers exploiting security weaknesses in the Exchange email server to attack organizations, and accordingly we turned to organizations and companies that are vulnerable to exploiting a point. Deliberate vulnerabilities,” and again called on these organizations to “implement the latest critical updates that Microsoft has published on these vulnerabilities – a simple, no-cost update that can reduce the possibility of an attack.”

Source: “I24”

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