A leader in the Sudanese People’s Movement told “Sputnik”: The coup will not last long in the face of popular and international rejection

A leader in the Sudanese People’s Movement told “Sputnik”: The coup will not last long in the face of popular and international rejection
A leader in the Sudanese People’s Movement told “Sputnik”: The coup will not last long in the face of popular and international rejection

On what happened in Sudan, the developments of the scene on the ground, the possibility of the proof receding, the extent of the street’s ability to withstand, and the position of the popular movement “North” led by Abdel Azir Al-Hilu, “Sputnik” agency conducted the following interview with Ammar Najm Al-Din, a member of the National Liberation Council of the People’s Movement “North”, Secretariat of Communication and Information.

To the text of the dialogue…

What is your position in the SPLM on the recent developments in Sudan?

The Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) responded with an official statement 3 hours after the broadcast of Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan’s statement yesterday, Monday. What happened, in addition to its adherence to the peaceful options of the Sudanese people.

So, are you going to take part in street protests?

The People’s Movement led Abdel Aziz al-Hilu in one trench with the Sudanese people, and the movement asked its members within the areas under the control of the government, to engage in sit-ins, demonstrations and all activities carried out by the Sudanese people, meaning that the popular movement completely rejects the current military coup despite the call Special directed by the proof of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement.

The SPLM refused from the beginning to participate in the peace process in Juba, and now it refuses the invitation of Al-Burhan…Do you see that you are making gains on the ground with these stances?

The SPLM was looking at the situation in Sudan in a strategic way, which is one of the main reasons that stopped the negotiations, and it is credited to the movement that it has not yet negotiated positions in the Sudanese authority, whether it was ministries, the Legislative Council, senior positions and others, all the rounds of negotiation in which we participated until we withdrew from the negotiations , It was about the unified Sudanese army, which includes all the militias, and that the army be restructured and its military doctrine changed so that its weapons are not always directed at the hearts of the Sudanese people, and that its duty is to protect and maintain the constitution and protect the borders. These were the basic things that we requested during the previous negotiations, which were Rejection and rejection of any joining of militias in the army.

We see that the presence of militias threatens security and social peace in Sudan alongside regional peace and security, and what we expected has already happened, as the army turned against the revolution and was supported by the Rapid Support militias, and the main problem in the Juba negotiations was dividing the country into tracks, which leads in The end ended with the dismantling of the unity of Sudan, as the SPLM refused from the beginning that there should be separate tracks. The issues had to be discussed in a national manner, and the privacy of the marginalized areas that had wars.

Do you think that the proof and those with him were arranging for this coup?

The Sudanese army, led by Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, has worked during the past three months to stifle the Sudanese state in all fields, in addition to the great security chaos in all parts of the country and in the capital, Khartoum in particular, so many observers and political analysts said that what happened in eastern Sudan and the closure of main roads And the port, these matters were arranged in order to create a severe economic crisis followed by popular discontent and prepare the ground for the coup to take place, and this is what actually happened yesterday, Monday, but the Sudanese people have great awareness, and the evidence for this awareness is that 90 percent of the Sudanese people are now on the street, in addition to that there are Arrange for a general strike and civil disobedience during the coming hours, so that the Sudanese cities are almost empty of people, except for the barricades in the streets.

What is your assessment of the international and regional reactions to what Al-Burhan did?

The international and regional community, all of them expressed their rejection of this brutal coup, and there are very important messages issued by the UN Security Council, the United Nations, the United States of America, the European Union and the Troika countries. Acceptance, neither regionally nor internationally, as being part of the previous regime that was overthrown, and the groups in power that were overthrown are liberal and democratic groups, so the step that the proof took is an ill-considered step and lacks intelligence.

If this is your vision of the coup of the proof… In your opinion, how long will this situation continue?

According to the situation in the street now, the Sudanese state is completely halted, and for the first time the people are facing a military coup with that strength and national unity, and everyone has forgotten all the differences that existed throughout the past period and everyone is saying, “Every disagreement falls so that the country remains,” so we see that every The Sudanese are now united against the military coup and the priority for everyone is to overthrow this regime, and I believe that the world will witness very big transformations in Sudan very soon, and after the success of that resistance against the coup, there will be no soldiers in power during the next stage.

In your opinion, how long will the coup stand in the face of this popular deluge?

Al-Burhan will not be able to withstand. Al-Bashir, who ruled for three decades, could not hold out for a month in front of the street and was overthrown. Therefore, we expect that this coup will not last more than two weeks, because he does not even possess part of the forces on which Al-Bashir was based, yet he was overthrown. The Sudanese people are steadfast We are in continuous contact with him, and there is an amazing insistence, and in light of the comprehensive civil disobedience, I do not imagine the coup’s steadfastness for more than two weeks.

Did the position of the popular movement against the coup expectations of the street?

The Sudan People’s Liberation Movement issued a statement immediately after the coup, declaring its support for the Sudanese people. And the release of all those who were arrested, and we hold the proof fully responsible for anything that happens to the political leaders who were arrested, and we will continue until the slogans of the revolution “freedom, peace and justice” are achieved, which is the slogan we raised in December 2018, and now we are back to raise it again after This brutal coup and we started again from scratch.

Interview conducted by Ahmed Abdel-Wahab

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