Presidential Health Adviser: Corona vaccine “Moderna” will be manufactured in Egypt soon

Presidential Health Adviser: Corona vaccine “Moderna” will be manufactured in Egypt soon
Presidential Health Adviser: Corona vaccine “Moderna” will be manufactured in Egypt soon

Mohamed Awad Taj El-Din, Advisor to the President for Health and Prevention Affairs, revealed that Egypt is currently manufacturing one of the Chinese Corona vaccines, explaining that it will produce a Moderna vaccine for the Corona virus soon.

و .ضاف During the 62nd conference of the Egyptian Society of Thoracic Diseases and Tuberculosis currently being held in Cairo, Egypt has made a great effort to provide all types of Corona virus vaccines to African countries, explaining that Africa has 1.4 billion citizens, but only 5% have been vaccinated.

And he continued: “We have diversified into the sources of the vaccine, and we are the first to agree with the University of Oxford, and when they announced the conduct of the final trials of the Corona vaccine, and we agreed with them to obtain the vaccine, and they said at that time that we would only give the vaccine to international institutions, and the “Javi” institution was one of the global institutions that allow Vaccinations for low-income countries, and then the Kovacs initiative appeared, which was in cooperation with the Jaffe Foundation and the World Health Organization, and the Bill Gates Foundation, Britain and the United States paid billions, and Kovacs became funded through donations from major countries, but it was not able to obtain on the vaccine.”

He explained that “the companies producing in the major countries have acquired the vaccines,” stressing that “the Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson vaccines are produced in the United States, but Johnson has a factory in South Africa, and AstraZeneca has a factory in Britain, Germany, the Netherlands, and India, and we were able with great political sponsorship.” It is very, and with unlimited support, to obtain the vaccine from two exporters from China.”

He added: “We were also able to make the vaccine in Egypt, and get the vaccine from the Kovacs initiative of the World Health Organization, but it gave us a quantity, but it is not the required quantity, and we brought doses of Johnson’s vaccine from the African Union agreement, and we booked 20 million doses, and the price of the dose was 10 dollars. And we were able to reduce the price of a dose from $ 10 to $ 7.5 only, so we have 25 million doses of Johnson’s vaccine from the African Union.”

He stressed, “We have brought vaccines from all companies, from Pfizer as well, and the AstraZeneca vaccine was brought from its factory in India, and all Corona vaccines were provided for the rest of all African countries, and all of them obtained the approval of the Egyptian Medicines Authority, and all of them did not take full approval, but Obtaining emergency approval because full approval requires long procedures and studies, and we were able to feed 25 million Egyptians with the Corona vaccine with about 32 million doses.

He pointed out that there are people who received two doses, and given the current abundance, all workers in Egyptian universities, as well as faculty members in all universities, have been vaccinated.

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