Monterey Exclusive Features for MacBook M1

Monterey Exclusive Features for MacBook M1
Monterey Exclusive Features for MacBook M1

Apple released the new Monterey system a few days ago, and it is the latest operating system that Apple offers for MacBook M1 computers and the usual devices with Intel processors.

Although the system supports MacBooks that use both Intel and M1 processors, Apple has made some features exclusive to the M1.

This is not the first time that Apple has dedicated features to devices alone, but it is the first time for Mac devices.

This is because Macs are evolving less quickly than iPhones, so we’ve been seeing all the features work with all devices together.

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Here are some features that will not work with Macs that use Intel processors:

Background isolation in Facetime on MacBook M1

Apple has introduced this feature to all of its phones and iPads alike, but on Macs it’s only exclusive to the M1 processors.

This feature isolates the background in the image while speaking through the Facetime application or any other application that uses the same algorithm.

You can use this feature across many different video chat applications, but Facetime makes it exclusive to the M1.

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Map updates

Apple’s Maps app has received a variety of different updates that improve the quality of the map.

All devices and phones have got map updates such as the new interactive globe map as well as more detail in city maps.

But Intel MacBooks won’t get these updates, as you won’t be able to see better city details or see the new map of the globe.

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Object Capture

This feature generates objects and pieces through virtual reality technologies and embeds them in the natural images captured by the camera to make the image appear as real.

So in the image above, you see a cola bear that looks realistic and part of the picture, but in fact it is automatically generated via Object Capture technology.

Previously, you needed special apps to be able to use this feature and automatically generate images.

But after the Monterey update, you can use it on your MacBook M1 without the need for any external apps.

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