Stormy in the Knesset: Mansour Abbas told about the speech that Netanyahu read to him • Watch

The Speaker of the Ra’am attacked the Knesset members’ presentation of terrorism by members of the Likud party in the Knesset, and revealed what happened at the meeting with Balfour.

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MK Mansour Abbas said today (Wednesday) during a debate in the Knesset plenum, “I understand the Likud’s political need today to slam the government through the Islamic movement, we have stopped being RAAM, now we are the Islamic movement.”

Abbas revealed what was in the meeting with Bibi at the prime minister’s house. “The speech that Benjamin Netanyahu read in Balfour Molly about the partnership between the Likud and the RAAM and was written by Yoav Kish, I will not forget. Now you want to present us as supporters of terrorism? He (Netanyahu) read the speech to me, I’m telling you what a wonderful speech, and you (Kish) tell me I wrote it. “

MK Yoav Kish of the Likud came up and responded to Abbas, claiming that they had never offered the RAAM to join the Likud government, but to support from outside – beyond the 61 coalition members. “I’m ready to go for a polygraph,” Kisch said.

Earlier today, Abbas addressed MK Dudi Amsalem in the Knesset, telling him: “We were together, Amsalem, we were together. We were together, we sat in Balfour in the Prime Minister’s Office, leave you. Amsalem, you were not in the know. We were together, what happened to you? “

Amsalem did not remain indebted to Abbas, although he did not deny the fact that they did meet: “Never, never. Just because we drank coffee does not mean we were together,” he resented. Amsalem went on to attack: “You are lying, you will never be with us, you do not want to be with us. You know you do not want you to be with us, and you will never be with us.”


Stormy Knesset Mansour Abbas told speech Netanyahu read Watch

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