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Three games in the 2021/22 season, his second season in the NBA, and Danny Abdia has yet to demonstrate the abilities that made him the top pick for an Israeli player in the draft. It started with eight points and a win over Toronto, but continued with two points in the next two games each and questions about his ability to become a significant player, even after the change in the method of play that Washington went through.

The journalist Quinton Mayo, Who reviews the Wizards, spoke in his podcast about Abdia’s difficulties at the beginning of the season, told what was in the Israeli’s conversation with Bill after the game against Indiana and expressed hope that he would soon be able to express himself better in the team’s game.

“So far this season, offensively he has not had it,” Mayo noted, “he has been hesitant. Bill and Danny are similar in that there is no greater critic of Danny than himself. Danny lashes himself out for mistakes or for not doing the right thing. A trait similar to Bill’s is not what the coach wants Danny to do now. The coach wants Danny to play freely. It’s a matter of confidence because there’s a gap between what he wants to be as a basketball player and what he’s shown so far. He wants to play the right way. “I want to be a team player and play for the team, but I also have to be a little selfish.”

Mayo added: “There’s nothing wrong with going out on the field and trying to get points and get into the rhythm. If you just pass the ball, ‘do the right thing’ and don’t get it back, you can’t be criticized either. You don’t do anything wrong because you don’t throw “Without a diagnosis, but you are not really a contributor either. This is the strange situation Danny is in at the moment. He thinks too much about his contribution to the team.”

Mayo thinks that Abdia should go back and do what he did at Maccabi Tel Aviv: “When Danny was selected, one of the things that professional manager Tommy Shepherd said about him is how diverse he can be. He can lead the ball, arrange the attack and be the main ball carrier. Wes Ansald talked about it before the season that he wants to arrange the attack so that he will be leading a secondary ball and will be more comfortable as he was in Europe. With Danny at the moment, he does not currently have the assertiveness and aggressiveness. This is something that needs to be practiced. If you put your abilities aside in training, that will be what you will come back to when times are tough. ”

“If you decide to throw and arrange the attack, if you did not practice it and made it part of the game, you will not be able to do it successfully. He trained on it a lot at Maccabi Tel Aviv. In Washington he does not want to step on everyone’s fingers. He wants to be a star, but also play the right way. Then for an entire season he stood in the corner. He got the message that he needs to stand in the corner, wait for the ball to reach him and score when it happens. It became something of a regular for Danny, a habit, especially in Scott Brooks’ attack. Now, he is returning from injury and he wants to contribute, but what he is doing is moving the ball, playing good defense, not attacking the ring and not taking bounce shots. He prevents himself from being a threat in attack. “

Mayo claims the conversation with Bill is set to take Danny on a new path soon: “Bill and Danny talked an hour after the game against the Pacers. Danny left this conversation knowing it all started in his head, that he should play freely, he should enjoy basketball. That it would not become work. “When you play freely, you can bring the best version of yourself.”

“Danny does things well when he plays free and enjoys. I believe he will be fine. Today the team has veteran players who challenge him and a coach who believes in him and wants to put him in situations that suit him and tell him not to think too much. He is still very young, second year in the league. One thing he does well is play defense, he is perhaps the best defensive player on the ball. He played great defense against Durant, Harden and Blake Griffin. I want him to look at what he did well at Maccabi Tel Aviv and who he saw as a role model and come back to love The game. “

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