United Nations Climate Change Conference.. Special and expanded coverage

United Nations Climate Change Conference.. Special and expanded coverage
United Nations Climate Change Conference.. Special and expanded coverage

This conference, which hosts representatives from more than 197 countries, aims to conduct a constructive dialogue on food and climate change, deal with climate change problems that threaten our planet, improve mutual understanding of the crisis and build new links and partnerships to confront it.

Out of the special interest that Sky News Arabia gives this year to raising awareness of environmental issues and climate change, the channel dedicates special and extensive coverage to this global event, as the world awaits from this conference the most important decisions and results, and efforts are made to issue a high-level declaration on the need for food policies. integrated to address the consequences of the climate emergency.

The coverage of “Sky News Arabia” will gradually gain momentum starting from Friday, October 29, before the official coverage begins on October 31, with a live broadcast from the conference venue and the arrival of delegates to the summit, as the Sky News Arabia team in Glasgow works to ensure exceptional coverage of the conference Through his presence in one of the most important events of interest to the Arab viewer, who is not immune to the impact of climate change and what the governments of Arab countries are doing to ensure a more sustainable future.

Sky News Arabia will highlight the activities of the conference through segments discussing the most important files that will be addressed, as part of the episodes of the “Our Planet” program, directly from Glasgow. The program will also host the most important personalities participating in the conference.

“Sky News Arabia” produced a special documentary that will be shown during the coverage entitled “The Last Call”. The channel’s cameras made a long journey in search of a question that preoccupies the world these days, which is why do we insist on killing our oceans and seas? What is our destiny on earth? It is a call that Sky News Arabia carried in her pocket as she made this special long journey that she started from beyond the Arctic Circle down to the warm waters and its depths, where the film monitors the fears of the consequences of global warming.

Sky News Arabia radio and Sky News Arabia digital platforms will also produce special segments related to the conference, and Sky News Arabia will create a special page to keep up with the coverage.

Sky News Arabia also presents several innovative reports using virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies that show chronologically what could happen to the planet during the twenty-first century in the event of commitment or non-commitment to achieving carbon neutrality and protecting biodiversity.

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