Record demand of NIS 320 million from the institutions in the issuance of bonds by Efi Capital Real Estate

In the issuance of bonds by Efi Capital Real Estate, high demand of NIS 321 million was received, three times higher than planned. The company decided to raise NIS 105 million at a NIS interest rate of 3.18%. To the company and its performance.

Company Epic Capital Real Estate Founded in 2007 and today operates in 17 cities across the country in a large project of 5,000 housing units initiated and executed, of which about half – 2,500 housing units in various areas of demand such as Jerusalem, Ramla, Ashkelon, Hadera, Beit Shemesh, Kiryat Gat, Gedera, Or Akiva Hadera And more. In the future, additional projects are planned for Jerusalem, Bat Yam, Beit Shemesh, Ashdod, Nahariya, Nof Hagalil and Emanuel.

According to the prospectus presented by the company, the expected gross profit from all future projects is about NIS 470 million. To date, Effie Capital has housed more than 1,800 housing units. In addition to the company owning tens of thousands of meters of commerce, storage and offices.

The offering was led by Discount Capital Underwriting Liran Razmovich andBarak Capital Underwriting signed Zvika Mans.

Effie Shakedi, controlling shareholder, CEO and chairman of Effi Capital, notes: “Successful recruitment is the recognition of the company’s capabilities, the scope of its activities and capabilities. The move will allow us to meet the challenges we set for ourselves and relate to entering other areas such as establishing marlogs, increasing the volume of activity, signing purchase transactions and winning tenders. We thank the great institutional bodies that have trusted us. “

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