Poisoning in the south: Three more eagles were found dead in Nahal Kina

The Nature and Parks Authority announced today (Wednesday) that three poisoned eagles and two dogs were found dead in Nahal Kina, south of Arad. Earlier this week – in the exact same area, nine dead eagles were found poisoned as well, alongside a goat that was found dead. The animals will be taken for sampling at the Beit Dagan Veterinary Institute. The Nature and Parks Authority said it was the biggest poisoning in the last decade.

One of the eagles’ carcasses was discovered this morning. A transmitter attached to the eagle did not broadcast from Sunday – the day the other nine eagles were poisoned – due to a lack of cellular reception. The eagle was dragged by an animal trying to eat from it and the movement allowed the transmitter to transmit where the eagle carcass was located. The eagle found, nicknamed T66, is about two years old. Two more carcasses of eagles were later found.


Poisoning south eagles dead Nahal Kina

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