Widower: “We changed the tombstone, my son-in-law wrote it”

Widower: “We changed the tombstone, my son-in-law wrote it”
Widower: “We changed the tombstone, my son-in-law wrote it”

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Shlomo Reish, the widow of the woman who died of her coronation and her condition caused a storm, said that the family had changed the caption, and that he was not responsible for it, he told the Ynet studio.

Reich claimed he objected to the original caption: “My groom wrote it. We saw it when we went up to the grave.”

As you may recall, the photo that was circulated on social media on Sunday showed the condition of a vaccine opponent who contracted corona and died from the complications of the virus about a month ago. The tombstone reads that the woman was “murdered by Beilinson Hospital in the Corona Department.”

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The picture caused a great stir, and the hospital management filed a complaint with the police about incitement to violence against the medical staff. “The hospital is shocked by the inscription on the tombstone and expresses disgust at the serious, inciting and deprived statement of any factual element as written on the tombstone,” Beilinson said. “We intend to consider our steps on the matter, including and to the extent required by taking legal action.”

In addition, the hospitals shared on social media a photo from the Corona Department with the caption “We are all Beilinson” next to it.

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Widower changed tombstone soninlaw wrote

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