The occupation continues to bulldoze the Yusuf cemetery in Jerusalem for the third day

The occupation continues to bulldoze the Yusuf cemetery in Jerusalem for the third day
The occupation continues to bulldoze the Yusuf cemetery in Jerusalem for the third day

The occupation forces prevented citizens and journalists from entering the cemetery (Mustafa Kharouf / Anatolia)

Today, Wednesday, the Israeli occupation forces closed the Yusufiya cemetery and prevented citizens and press crews from entering it, at a time when the so-called Israeli Nature Authority resumed acts of vandalism and bulldozing in the cemetery’s land for the third day in a row.
Tension prevailed in the vicinity of the area as citizens began gathering there, which led to a stampede between them and members of the occupation police. Only the mother of the deceased young man, Alaa Battna, and the stationed man, Nafisa Khweis, were able to enter the cemetery, amid the soldiers’ attempt to remove them from the site where the “Nature Authority” employees are located.

And clashes erupted last night with the occupation forces near the Yusufiya cemetery during protests organized there, while two young men were arrested after beating them.

In the town of Silwan, to the south of Al-Aqsa Mosque, the occupation forces arrested at dawn today, the young man, Muhammad Ouda, after storming his family’s house in the Bir Ayoub neighborhood, while the Ain Al-Lawza neighborhood, adjacent to Bir Ayoub neighborhood, witnessed confrontations last night, during which the occupation forces used tear gas extensively towards houses Today, Wednesday, the occupation forces summoned 5 Jerusalemites from the town of Silwan for interrogation.
On the other hand, extremist settlers continued their storming of Al-Aqsa Mosque this morning, as rabbis and heads of settlement associations were among the intruders, according to what a guard of Al-Aqsa Mosque told Al-Araby Al-Jadeed.
In another context, the Israeli occupation forces arrested, today, Wednesday, the two boys: Yazan Amer Sabah (15 years) and Ibrahim Jamil Sabah (15 years), after they raided and searched their families’ homes in the town of Tuqu’, east of Bethlehem, in the southern West Bank. Today, Wednesday, a young man from the city of Hebron, in the southern West Bank, was arrested, and two young men from the village of Kirisah, west of Dura, in the southern West Bank, and a young man from the town of Beit Ummar, north of Hebron.

Moreover, the Israeli occupation forces stormed, today, Wednesday, the village of Bir Al-Basha in the southern West Bank, and raided the homes of the brothers and relatives of the prisoner Yaqoub Qadri (Gwadra), a member of Operation “Freedom Tunnel”.
The occupation forces raided the house of Ali Gawadra (63 years), the brother of the prisoner Yaqoub, and smashed its contents, and severely beat him, which necessitated his transfer to the hospital. At a sudden military checkpoint south of Jenin.
In addition, the occupation forces carried out a landing operation from a helicopter over the plain of the village of Merka, near the village of Bir al-Basha, and stormed the towns and villages of Ya’bad, Arraba, al-Hafira, Kfirt, Arana, and Deir Ghazala.
In another matter, the Israeli occupation forces stormed, today, Wednesday, Khirbet Humsa al-Fouqa in the northern Palestinian valleys, and seized equipment and tents used for raising livestock, according to the official of the Jordan Valley file in Tubas Governorate, Moataz Bisharat.

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