Inspirational experience.. UAE University students explore space at Expo 2020

Inspirational experience.. UAE University students explore space at Expo 2020
Inspirational experience.. UAE University students explore space at Expo 2020

In an inspiring experience for UAEU students and those interested in space sciences, the National Center for Space Science and Technology at the UAE University organized a number of events and activities during the “Space Week” in various locations within the university’s participation in Expo 2020 Dubai, and the events included a series of workshops and events Scientific research and development in various fields of astronomy and space sciences, with the presence and active participation of university students and visitors, to be a unique and inspiring experience for those interested in space sciences. ?

Prof. Ahmed Murad, Deputy Commissioner-General of the UAE University Pavilion at Expo 2020, said: “The Space Week activities organized by the National Center for Space Science and Technology come in conjunction with the second week of the ten topics, organized by Expo 2020 Dubai within the framework of The Human and Planet Earth Program, with the aim of examining the benefits, solutions and challenges of exploring beyond the Earth’s orbit, as well as opportunities for exploration and the development of science related to understanding space.

For his part, Dr. Aqib Moeen, Associate Professor of Physics, at UAE University, said in light of the rapid growth of the space sector in the country, “The UAE University’s cooperation with the pavilions of different countries and its active participation in a number of Space Week activities is evidence of the effective role its commitment to developing space sciences, research and technological development, and the educational system in the country, and its commitment to continuing to support globally recognized space activities.” ?

The UAEU pavilion participating in the Expo organized three events on research and development in radio astronomy in cooperation with the Australian Curtin University, which included discussions on innovative sensor systems, ground infrastructure for monitoring and measurements of radio astronomy and space science, and emerging technologies in this field. and multi-station collaborative operations, the scope of scientific and technological research and development, public awareness, and future prospects.
The French pavilion hosted an event entitled “Remote Sensing, Earth Observation and Hackathon Show”, an event to showcase current research and development in the field of remote sensing and planetary sciences, especially in new missions to Mars, “The Emirates Mission to Mars, the Perseverance Mission, Taiwan Mission 1”. ‎

During the event, a “hackathon” was held on data analysis and research by industry experts. In turn, the “Education in Technology Space: A Path to Youth Empowerment” event focused on the strategic importance and various elements of the academic knowledge base required to support the rapidly growing global space sector. The innovative methods of conveying space education and the content that must be effectively delivered were reviewed.

It also organized the “Human Spaceflight and Robotic Space Exploration” event, highlighting the excitement and scientific value of manned space missions, and acquainted the public with various aspects such as the astronaut’s experience, the possibility of discovery, and the importance of human presence in outer space, in addition to a third event. Entitled “Space Debris: Mitigation and Prevention,” in which it highlighted the damage that space debris can cause to space assets, and the participants discussed innovative ways to mitigate space debris. With the advent of the space age, humans deployed thousands of satellites in orbit around the Earth. Which not only enabled scientific discovery, but also provided a range of important services to people, however, the result of this is the constant increase in the amount of space junk.

Several activities were held in cooperation between the National Center for Space Science and Technology at the UAE University and the French Institute for Intercultural Communication, which combined arts and sciences to explore space, and they are multi-faceted cultural and scientific events, where a French documentary film on arts and space entitled “Indoor Telescope” was screened. It is a novel taken from the planet Mars. During the event, it was presented how humanity will deal with cultural, social, and communication issues, as we prepare to move forward with a future inhabited initiative for Mars. The center’s experts also presented an applied workshop on the design of the satellite mission, and the event aims to provide a realistic presentation of the design of the space mission to the participants.

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