Open diaries: all the details about the Miss Universe pageant that will take place in Eilat!

Open diaries: all the details about the Miss Universe pageant that will take place in Eilat!
Open diaries: all the details about the Miss Universe pageant that will take place in Eilat!

The producers of the “Miss Universe” competition, which will take place for the first time in its history in Israel, announced this morning (Wednesday) the final event that will take place on December 12 and will be broadcast live from a special complex currently under construction in Eilat Port.

The international event will be held in a huge special structure that will be imported from Portugal and will be built in the coming weeks in the port of Eilat. The event complex, which rises to a height of 16.5 meters, has a carrying capacity of over 70 tons of equipment, contains about 5,000 seats and is suitable for a complex television broadcast to 170 countries.

International singer Noa Kirel Selected to perform at the Miss Universe finals event. The television event, one of the largest ever held and broadcast in Israel, is expected to reach a cumulative exposure of an estimated 1.3 billion people worldwide. This is the first time in the history of the competition that a local singer gets to participate in the event.

Ahead of her upcoming appearance at the Miss Universe pageant, Kiral said:

“It is a great honor for me. I am excited for the performance at the event and for the meetings with the contestants who set significant goals and strive for success, young women who are a model for excellence and goal adherence to women and girls from all over the world and strengthen Miss Universe goals.”

Miss Universe events will include the ‘National Outfit’ competition, the semi-final competition and the final event. Ticket sales for all events will begin on 11/15/21.

Minister of Tourism Yoel Rezbozov: “Despite the challenges posed by the Corona, we knew how to maintain the balance between health and the economy, return tourism to Israel and create tourism anchors that will promote and present Israel to the world, as a vaccinated country that invites tourists to it.The Israeli producers, Tali Eshkoli and Assaf Belcher, who are in charge of producing Miss Universe Israel, noted that “for several months now, the Israeli team has been working on the huge production of the international event while meeting the high standards of the Miss Universe World Organization.” “And the Eilat Hotel Association, we are bringing to Israel a huge international event that will put Israel on the map as an attractive destination for holding international events and conferences,” the two said.

Senior members of the Miss Universe organization, headed by the president of the organization Paula Sugart, Visited Israel last week and held meetings and tours in Eilat, among other things, met with Mayor Eli Lankri and closely supervised the infrastructure and construction work of the Miss Universe complex.

“As an organization that has a distinct advantage in being able to put a spotlight on issues that are on the global agenda, I am excited to see how our contenders can make a difference in their communities and around the world,” said Paula M. Sugart, President of Miss Universe. “I know that the city of Eilat will provide a great space for our contestants to study and grow together.”

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