Lebanon .. George Kordahi raises controversy by accusing Saudi Arabia and the UAE of “aggression against Yemen” and Mikati responds (video)

Lebanon .. George Kordahi raises controversy by accusing Saudi Arabia and the UAE of “aggression against Yemen” and Mikati responds (video)
Lebanon .. George Kordahi raises controversy by accusing Saudi Arabia and the UAE of “aggression against Yemen” and Mikati responds (video)

The Lebanese Minister of Information, George Kordahi, raised the controversy with his statements about the Yemen war, as he considered that “Saudi Arabia and the UAE are assaulting the Yemeni people” and that the Houthis are practicing “self-defense.”

Qardahi said in recorded statements to the “Parliament of the People” program broadcast on Al-Jazeera, in response to a question about his position on what is happening in Yemen: “A people are defending themselves, are they attacking anyone? .. In my view, this Yemeni war is absurd. stop.”

Then the presenter of the program objected to him, saying: “The Houthis are launching booby-trapped planes towards Saudi lands.” Qardahi replied: “We see the damage inflicted on them in their homes, funerals and joys, and that they are bombing by planes… It is time for this war to stop because it is absurd.”

Qardahi considered that “the Houthis are defending themselves in the face of external aggression,” so one of the attendees asked him: “Do you consider that the UAE and Saudi Arabia are assaulting Yemen?”, to reply: “Sure, there is an attack, not because they are Saudi Arabia or the UAE, but because there has been an attack since 8 years continuously, and what you cannot do in two or three years, you will not be able to do in 8 years.”

These statements angered the Saudis and Emiratis, some of whom recalled a previous video of Qardahi praising Saudi Arabia, accusing him of complimenting the Lebanese “Hezbollah” for his presence in the government.

After the controversy, Qardahi commented in a series of tweets on his Twitter account, saying that “the circulating video clip was in an interview he gave to Al Jazeera Online, on the Youth Parliament program, on August 5, a month before he was appointed as a minister in the Lebanese government.”

He added that “he did not intend in any way to offend Saudi Arabia or the UAE, adding that their leaders and their people have all the love and loyalty,” noting that “the parties behind this campaign have become known, and they have accused him since the formation of the government of coming to suppress the media.”

He continued, “What he said that the Yemen war has become a futile war that must stop, was with conviction, not in defense of Yemen, but out of love for Saudi Arabia and the UAE.”

And he added, “May my words be a reason to stop this harmful war, for Yemen, and for both Saudi Arabia and the UAE.”

For his part, the Minister of Information in the internationally recognized Yemeni government, Muammar Al-Eryani, responded to the statements via Twitter, saying that “it is strange and reflects a flagrant ignorance of the Yemeni issue and blind bias towards the terrorist Houthi militia, and a disregard for the role of the Iranian regime and its expansionist agenda in Yemen and the region, in managing the coup and detonating the war.” and undermining efforts to calm down, cease-fire, and establish peace.

As for the Lebanese Prime Minister, Najib Mikati, he stressed that “Qardahi’s statements do not represent the Lebanese government.”

In a statement, he said, “Lebanon adheres to brotherly ties with the brotherly Arab countries,” noting that whoever speaks on behalf of the government is its prime minister or the government as a whole.

He added that Qardahi’s words, which are being circulated, were part of an interview conducted with him several weeks before he assumed his ministerial position, and that “it is unacceptable and does not express the government’s position at all, especially with regard to the Yemeni issue and Lebanon’s relations with its Arab brothers, specifically the brothers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and other Gulf Cooperation Council countries.

He stressed that he and his government “are keen to weave the best relations with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and condemn any interference in its internal affairs from any side.”

Source: RT + “National News Agency”

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