Photoshop 2022: What’s new?

Photoshop 2022: What’s new?
Photoshop 2022: What’s new?

Adobe launched earlier today the version of Photoshop 2022 with a series of important updates to Photoshop itself and to Camera RAW (now in version 14) as well as a number of parallel updates to Leitrum and Photoshop on the iPad. We will bring you an overview of the main ones as well as some videos that will help you make the best use of them.

Photoshop Cover Photos 2022

What’s new in Photoshop 2022?

In Photoshop 2022 you will find a number of key innovations among them:

  • Automatic selection of masks (number of objects) – This is a significant improvement of the tool selection tool that has existed in Photoshop for a long time. You can now move a mouse over objects in the image and it will show whether these are selected or allow their selection or manual addition (you can also deselect), the automatic selections are more accurate and should allow selection of almost any object (still not perfect from our short experience but improves).
  • Option to create all the selected objects – an option that saves a lot of time and allows you to create masks for each selected object in the image with the click of a button.
  • New filters in Neural Filters – There are three new filters (still in BETA versions) based on AI in Photoshop 2022 – the first is theLandscape Mixer Allowing “dressing” of the character of an existing image on a landscape image you took (you can also combine another image that you upload to the software and choose instead the options that the software itself offers). The second is the Harmonization which makes it possible to create a better union between images / objects in the image and the background through artificial intelligence (note that it does not work well with masks at this stage – hopefully this will be fixed later). The latter is the Color Transfer which allows the use of colors and tones of one image over another.
  • Improvements in Neural Filters – Adobe’s advanced AI filters are getting improvements – including improvements to Depth Blur (with an improved algorithm), Superzoom (which works on the entire frame), and Style Transfer (which enhances an “artistic” effect Better).
  • Improvement in the gradient algorithm in Photoshop (now with two lperceptua and linear options).
  • Import a vector with layers from Adobe Illustrator – for all graphic designers – just drag and paste a layer and you have a full vector element with layers from Illustrator in Photoshop.
  • Photoshop will now fully support Apple Pro Display XDR screens (in terms of dynamic range).
  • Export speed improvements in Export As user on Mac M1 processor computers.
  • Speed ​​improvements with older filters such as Oil Paint.
  • Option for “Comments” in Photoshop – Using a feature called Commenting on Cloud Documents you can now share an image with others with edits and receive comments.
  • Identifying changes in the image – version 2022 of Photoshop now has a feature that allows you to open an image and see if any changes have been made to it (to examine manipulations made and the appearance of an image – this is still an initial and basic version).
  • Stability improvements and general bug fixes.

Create automatic masks for all the objects selected in the image at the click of a button

The masks created from the automatic selection

What’s new in Camera RAW version 14?

Along with Photoshop 2022 also comes a new ACR version (14 number) with a series of very significant improvements some of which were required by users years ago and have only just come to fruition.

So what’s new in ACR 14? As mentioned, there is quite a bit of emphasis on adding a new mask system with layers – here is the detail:

  • Advanced mask system – The system allows the creation of a large number of masks in layers (similar to the layers in Photoshop itself), including easy options to select and view its inverting mask and create an inverted mask (eg for the sky and everything else or for the object and background, etc.). It is a powerful tool that will allow advanced users to achieve more within ACR without even touching Photoshop itself.
  • Sky selection / object selection – Advanced options for selecting objects and creating masks using artificial intelligence.
  • New priests – Adobe has added a number of priests to the existing list (and not very impressive we must note).
  • Possibility to control the priests – Until now it was possible to contain priests or not to contain them but it was not possible to control the degree of their inclusion on the image – now this is possible (and we are asked – where has it been so far?).

By the way, an important addition for those who use Photoshop on the iPad – from now on, ACR has also been added to Photoshop in the mobile version with advanced capabilities.

Overall, Adobe seems to be making an effort in the face of increasing competition from a number of smaller companies that are advancing rapidly, especially in the field of artificial intelligence-based image editing – an area in which Adobe has been making efforts for some time but these are not always faster than competitors.

Masks in layers with automatic selections – new in ACR 14

Videos from around the web

Although the new version was launched today, some of the more advanced users have had access to them for some time as beta users and a number of videos have already been circulated online demonstrating the uses of the new tools. Here are some of them:

Colin Smith from photoshopCAFE in a general look at what’s new in Photoshop 2022

Masks in ACR 14 with Blake from f64 Academy

Predict Ramirez from PCT for all the key new features in Photoshop 2022

Martin from “Yes I’m a Designer” demonstrates some of the key features of Photoshop 2022

Masks in Lightroom 2022 with Colin Smith from photoshopCAFE


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