The government is considering legislation against corona test refusers – under extreme conditions

The head of the public health services, Dr. Sharon Elrai Price, confirmed this morning (Tuesday) that the government is considering imposing sanctions on those who refuse tests in Corona. New law. This is a worthy and good thing, certainly in light of the fact that the law was written quickly at the beginning of the plague. “

She added of the move that it is “part of the tools we need to test whether it can be done and whether it will pass. It will be in the most extreme conditions, when there is a very violent variant that endangers people’s lives in a real way, and could kill immediately.”

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is expected to approve today the administration of the Pfizer vaccine to children aged 11-5, and Israel is beginning to prepare in March. The Ministry of Health is considering a number of ways to encourage parents to vaccinate their children, and the possibility of abolishing the green mark on the basis of a serological examination is being considered.

In the opening, Dr. Elrai Price estimated that the FDA would indeed approve the use of the Pfizer vaccine by children at the age of 11-5, because based on the data submitted, “the benefits of the vaccine for children are far greater than any risk.” , Noted that in Israel a group of children of these ages, who were at high risk for coronary heart disease received the vaccine, and the data showed “vaccine efficacy”.

Regarding reports of the opening of the vaccination campaign for children in ten days, the head of public health services clarified: “I do not think it will be within a week and a half, serious discussions will take place. We are not a rubber stamp, there will be a professional and orderly process in the Ministry of Health.” It will be transparent to the public, we heard the statements about the desire for transparency. “

Dr. Elrai Price explained the importance of the vaccine in this population: “There are symptoms called‘ Long Cubid ’, children can suffer from symptoms months after recovering from the disease; Can affect daily functioning of memory, children can have multisystem PIMS. We do not know what the long-term effects of the virus are, and there are viruses that after years cause complications, whether brain or other. “


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