We look forward to resuming cabinet sessions as soon as possible

We look forward to resuming cabinet sessions as soon as possible
We look forward to resuming cabinet sessions as soon as possible
17 minutes ago

Najib Mikati

Prime Minister Najib Mikati affirmed that “we look forward to resuming the cabinet sessions as soon as possible to complete the decisions required to activate the work of the bodies and committees and to accomplish what is required of the government, according to what it announced in the ministerial statement.”

During his patronage this morning in the Saraya “a conference towards reform and recovery: implementing the national strategy to combat corruption”, organized by the Ministry of State for Administrative Development in partnership with the United Nations Development Program, he stressed that “we look forward to the government being honest in supervising the parliamentary elections.” The upcoming elections will be an opportunity for all Lebanese segments to freely express their aspirations and opinions freely and impartially.

He said, “I am certain, in this exceptional circumstance, that getting out of the accumulated crises will pass through supporting the public administration, immunizing it against corruption, and concentrating efforts to activate its performance and raise the level of transparency in its practices.”

He believed that “with regard to the formation of the National Anti-Corruption Commission, we have started practical steps to activate it, starting with the election of judges Claude Karam and Therese Allawi, provided that the government works in the first session of the Council of Ministers to complete the appointment of other members after the nominations are completed.”


resuming cabinet sessions

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