Al-Gomhoria: Bassil is preparing for the “big attack”

Al-Gomhoria: Bassil is preparing for the “big attack”
Al-Gomhoria: Bassil is preparing for the “big attack”

What hides the controversy over the electoral law amendments, which returned from the Republican Palace to the Parliament after President Michel Aoun refused to sign it? Is there anyone who is striving to postpone the popular exam in anticipation of “hard questions”?

After the President of the Republic returned the electoral law to the House of Representatives and the “Free Patriotic Movement” hinted at the possibility of a constitutional challenge to the law if the Parliament adhered to it, some people had the impression that the movement was trying, through this tactic, to postpone the parliamentary elections or even to undermine them, for fear of their results, which might alter the balances in the elections. The Christian environment is at his expense and strips him of the privilege of a broader representation of that environment, as his opponents threaten him.

Accordingly, the weather argument did not convince the forces insisting on holding the elections on March 27, which feel that the real reason for the President of the Republic and the “Free Current” attempt to drop the revised date and re-excavate the approved amendments is the “political climate” that does not suit them, and nothing else. .

On the other hand, the current suggests that it is neither afraid nor anxious about the electoral challenge, but rather awaits it impatiently, contrary to the expectations of others, because it has accounts that it wants to settle with a retroactive effect with those who attacked it and the covenant, at least since the October 17 movement, as deduced from the discussions of the orange councils. own. On this basis, the current, which is expected to adhere to the law during Thursday’s session by Aoun, has not yet decided its choice to challenge it before the Constitutional Council, and this possibility is still being studied by its leadership to take the appropriate decision, especially since there is a trend in its ranks that prefers Accepting the fait accompli and contesting the elections in March if it is not possible to postpone them to May, so that the delayed appeal would not be an excuse for some to postpone the entitlement in its entirety and to hold the current responsible.

In preparation for facing the electoral challenge, one of the movement’s officials is quoted as saying: “For the record, we are in a greater hurry than everyone else to hold the parliamentary elections in order to cut a long rope of lies. They wanted him to wrap us around our neck to hang us politically.” He added: “The elections are a valuable opportunity for us to end, by a knockout blow, the policy of disinformation used by civil society groups since October 17, 2019 against President Michel Aoun and the current by targeting them exclusively and directing the harshest accusations at them, and there is no better place to respond than the ballot boxes that we will prove Through it, our size is many times greater than the size of those impersonating the revolution, and we will also prove to the “Lebanese Forces” how important it is in its calculations and estimates about the expected representative ratios in the Christian community, and for all this it is not entirely true that we fear the elections, but rather we eagerly await them.”

And while the opponents of the “Free Movement” assume that the upcoming elections will deal a severe blow to him and the President of the Republic, in connection with the great collapse that occurred in the Orange Era and the popular resentment it caused against him, the movement, on the other hand, feels, according to those familiar with its calculations, “This stage constitutes the best timing.” He has to run in the parliamentary elections, based on the fragmented reality of his scattered rivals amid the prevailing dispute between the “forces” and the “future movement”, the Progressive Socialist Party and civil society, and the difficulty of obtaining alliances between them, at least in light of the current realities, while the main current alliances dating back to the 2018 edition are still in Most of them are valid and can be built upon, in addition to new tributaries, such as the head of the “Arab Unity Party”, former minister Wiam Wahhab in the Chouf, according to what those close to the Orange Decision Circle point out.

Although the current does not deny that most political forces were affected by the transformations of the previous two years and their huge crises, but it considers itself the least affected after the facts were revealed – in its opinion – “and the dust that was pumped by the exploiters of the popular movement cleared them, so that the picture is now clearer to the people, and what helped us also In the beginning to regain the initiative is that the alternatives presented are very bad and lack of credibility, and there was only a need for a short time for the masks and powders to fall off.”

Moreover, those who know indicate that the leadership of the movement headed by Representative Gibran Bassil is preparing a high-caliber electoral campaign, during which corruption files will be opened in detail and hidden papers will be revealed for the first time, provided that the implementation of the “big attack” will begin gradually after New Year’s Day, according to a calendar well thought out.

There are those in the movement who do not rule out the possibility that, close to the elections, a resounding surprise of the kind will be arrested, “with the repercussions that this will have on the popular mood and its choices.”

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