“Red Carpet” does not address customs and traditions

“When we choose… we always choose what makes us different in our lives in general.” Those were the words through which the Egyptian star Naglaa Badr affirmed in her interview with “Al Arabiya.net” her right to choose what suits her of the roles she presents so that the audience is attracted to her In terms of performance, or her clothes that she wears on artistic occasions, after the attack she was subjected to because of a dress she appeared in at the opening of the El Gouna Festival, which recently concluded its activities.

She also talked about her new TV and cinematic works, and her return to the cinema strongly recently in many works on the cinema screen after being away from her for a long time, stressing that the reason is her search for the best options and what suits her.

Naglaa Badr from the closing ceremony in El Gouna

* What happened in El Gouna and the uproar that accompanied the dress?

** At the beginning and before each festival session, I choose more than one dress from more than one fashion designer, whether Egyptian or non-Egyptian, and if I always prefer to support Egyptian fashion designers, because they have a group of beautiful costumes, I have already chosen more than one fashion designer, but I was stopped A new collection presented by the designer Farida Temraza, it was not used before and did not appear, and the collection was different and innovative and is famous for its innovation in clothes, and indeed we chose more than one dress from the new collection, but we stopped the black dress when I measured it, because it is sweet and there is a difference.

I loved the dress, especially that when you appear on Red Carpet, you want to be different, because that is part of my work, as I choose a drama or a movie. I look for the difference as all artists, because as you are different, you have an audience that follows you, like Mohamed Mounir, he is different and distinguished in Zone, and Amr Diab, too, is the same in choosing any appearance for him, even when the singer decides to choose the different form that suits him.

*But the difference in drama and cinema is available and not in reality, which is what exposed you to criticism?

** In the drama, of course we wear the mantle of the characters we present, but when we appear to the audience we present our natural characters, and we need to appear different and in the latest always, and this is part of my work without thinking, anyone in this place will follow the same approach (not in his mood) because this is what prevalent worldwide.

In general, the dress I liked, because it is one of the distinctive pieces of Tamraza, and we both agreed that the dress is very suitable for me, and that I may be subjected to some criticism, but the attack with such intensity and quantity I never imagined, especially since it began right after I entered the hall, to the point that I doubted myself It did not go beyond the limits, but rather it is reasonable, especially since there are other dresses sold in stores and designers that no person can wear or appear in them.

Naglaa Badr

*Who criticized those who waved the phrase that it is out of customs and traditions?

** I would like to tell them that red carpet does not address customs and traditions, but rather it addresses fashion more, which is common in the whole world, and I am here not a model for a designer or a clothing brand so that people who see it buy it, but so that people from my audience can see what I wear and how different it is. What is presented within the normal limits, especially since there are those who go to Al-Aqsa in the form of clothes, which I do not like.

But as for my dress, I assure that it is a little different and people are not accustomed to it, and everyone sees with his own eyes what he wants, and what saddened me was the way of criticism. I was thinking of playing on the idea of ​​the chicest, the sweetest, the special, the different.

* Are you coming back to the cinema strongly after an absence of nearly 6 years?

** I am always looking for a specific type of films, and for a long time I have been presented with works and I choose what suits me, and I was looking for a certain type that a new policy began to appear for, namely, collective tournaments and attention to youth and works that cost little, as many recently appeared in many films. The films were not starring box-stars, nor were they confined to one star or one form, which is what I was looking for, and the reason for my distance from cinema since I presented “Extraordinary Capabilities” with the great director Daoud Abdel Sayed in 2015.

Naglaa Badr

* What are the new businesses?

**I finished filming the movie “Today is a Beautiful Day” with director Nevin Shalaby, whose ad was shown some time ago, and it is produced by Sherif Mandour. In it, I embody the personality of a bank employee, who is exposed to some changing situations with the heroes of the work, as problems occur between her and her husband, but what attracted me is that the film represents a qualitative leap in cinema’s treatment of hidden and silent society issues, especially with regard to marital relations, a problem that has not been discussed Explicitly before in any dramatic work.

I also finished shooting the movie “The Court” with director Mohamed Amin, written by Ahmed Abdullah, and the film deals with many important societal issues, and sheds light on many problems in Arab societies, where all events take place in one day and one place, which is the court, and it includes 6 Criminal and civil cases, family court case, rape, inheritance, and gender transition.

I also finished the movie “The Night of the Feast” with director Sameh Abdel Aziz, which is a teaser social artwork that discusses the idea of ​​women’s subjugation and the events they are exposed to. This is rejected by “Najla”, causing many problems between them.

As for the TV drama, I settled on one work, which is a platform taken from foreign formats, and I am happy with this work, but I will not be able to announce any details about it until I sign the contract with them.

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