Reham Saeed drops her case against Sama Al-Masry for a humanitarian reason

Reham Saeed drops her case against Sama Al-Masry for a humanitarian reason
Reham Saeed drops her case against Sama Al-Masry for a humanitarian reason

In a surprising decision, the Egyptian media, Reham Saeed, announced the waiver of her case against the dancer Sama Al-Masry.

The beginning of the crisis between Reham Saeed and Sama Al-Masry dates back to September 2019, when Reham Saeed’s lawyer filed a complaint with the Public Prosecutor against Sama Al-Masry on charges of defamation. The Court of Appeal upheld the misdemeanour of the Economic Court, in mid-August, of Sama Al-Masry’s acquittal in her accusation of sending indecent expressions to Reham Saeed.

Reham Saeed wrote on her official Facebook page: “After a long and painful thought, I decided to give up Sama Al-Masry’s case to reduce her prison term.”

She cited Said speech the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him: «proven that the Prophet peace be upon him, he said: (from the same insured plight of distress minimum, the same God about the plight of the anguish the Day of Resurrection, and is pleased to Pinching, God is pleased by In this world and the hereafter, and whoever conceals a Muslim, God will cover him in this world and the hereafter, and God is in the help of the servant, as long as there is no burden in him.”

The Public Prosecution had appealed the verdict issued by the Court of First Instance acquitting Sama Al-Masry in accusing her of insulting and slandering the media, Reham Saeed. Sama Al-Masry was referred to the criminal trial, after she was accused of misusing communication devices, and investigations indicated that she had been slandered by phone, “Reham Saeed”, and she was entrusted with matters that, if true, would have required her contempt for her countrymen, as she sent her offensive messages through the “WhatsApp” application. Father”.

Investigations indicated that the accused sent messages to the victim containing insulting phrases and words through the WhatsApp application, and also used the latter application on an information network, to commit insult and slander crimes, as indicated by the investigations.

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