The Ministry of Transportation will develop a strategic plan for Israeli aviation

The Ministry of Transportation will develop a strategic plan for Israeli aviation
The Ministry of Transportation will develop a strategic plan for Israeli aviation

The Minister of Transportation and Road Safety, MK Merav Michaeli, yesterday attended the launch of the Aviation Lobby in the Knesset, and said: “That it is taking active steps to have strong Israeli aviation and good Israeli aviation infrastructure.”

“It is difficult to overstate the importance of this lobby, more than that it is difficult to overstate the importance of the investment required in the Israeli aviation industry and I deliberately separate aviation from Israeli aviation. It’s not 100 percent overlap between these two things.

“Our commitment is to maintain aviation in general in the developed state of Israel, but certainly to maintain Israeli aviation because it is a strategic asset that Israel cannot do without, and must ensure that it takes active steps so that it has strong Israeli aviation and good Israeli aviation infrastructure so that non-Israeli aviation can To be developed in it.

‘Unfortunately, for many years the industry was completely neglected. Not only were no airports built, airports closed. Airports have closed without alternative planning, without having a big picture saying and saying say where we want, can, need our airports – both international and commercial and civil of the local airport for all the necessary needs of shutdown, spraying, aviation. I want an Israeli public that was not in the Air Force to be able to study aviation in the State of Israel. Why would they travel abroad for that? We have a duty to provide this infrastructure.

“I say unequivocally – the Ministry of Transportation under my leadership will develop a strategic plan for Israeli aviation. Both at the level of infrastructure and at the level of maintaining Israeli companies, it is no secret that this is a period of uncertainty, a very difficult period, companies and the industry in general suffered a severe blow, starting with companies, through air crews and all service providers, lots of workers and of course passengers. And I have a duty and really a lot of effort, the directors of the companies know that, the Ministry of Transportation has strongly pushed both the Ministry of Finance and the Prime Minister’s Office to be invested in the effort to help companies to help them. This effort is not over, it continues, and we are committed to ensuring that the companies are preserved and the aspiration is also strengthened.

‘We kept this government in Corona, in our time, we kept Ben Gurion Airport open. We made separations, we used Terminal 1 to separate countries that were more prone to infection, we used every tool at our disposal. The Network has effectively and efficiently employed many service personnel who make sure that people wear masks and that maximum health security is maintained within Ben Gurion Airport, but we have kept it open.

Ben Gurion Airport has expansion plans and it must expand while we take care of the surrounding public, who should not suffer from the noise in a way that is fateful. A solution must be found for this and it is our responsibility to find it.

“Regarding a complementary field – I am proud to say that we passed the decision yesterday at a cabinet meeting that it will not be built in Ramat David. Israel has a strategic need for open spaces and it cannot easily handle business, commercial, aviation, transportation development at the expense of open spaces that we do not have a reserve. We are already right on the edge.

“There are better solutions than just looking at the angle of one airport, you don’t have to put the contents of all the other flights in the country in one place, certainly not in a valley where if we allow so much traffic on the ground that comes with it and commercial industrial development destroys it reversible. There are other options, some of which have been partially explored and some of which have not been explored yet. Therefore, a team will be set up that we limited to nine months of work, there will also be those who were not in this discourse and it is time to have partners and partners in thinking about the best way to generate capacity for international aviation and also think about the best way to do civil aviation.

During these hours, the discussion is taking place at Hadera Airport, specifically MK Landa has answers to the points you raised. The planning did take things into account, yes there are professional answers, the Supreme Court also received these answers, we are still checking if this is the most correct answer. Unfortunately, we have reached such a moment that due to the lack of planning and neglect we talked about earlier, we are in such a situation that Herzliya Airport may be closed and there will be no answer at all to civil aviation. We are making and making an effort to prevent this from happening. ‘

It will be recalled that at the cabinet meeting held on Sunday this week, companies and cabinet members approved the proposal led by the Minister of Transportation and Road Safety, MK Merav Michaeli in cooperation with Foreign Minister Yair Lapid and Finance Minister Avigdor Lieberman, to repeal Resolution 2050. .

As part of the decision, the Minister of Transportation and Road Safety was instructed to establish a steering team led by the Ministry of Transportation and Road Safety, which will examine the alternatives for expanding the capacity of international air traffic to and from Israel.

The crew will take seriously the extensive work done so far in this matter, alongside renewed feasibility tests, including various ways to deal with the flight load. The team will formulate a recommendation for solutions no later than 9 months from the date of its establishment and will present it to the Minister of Transport, who will submit the recommendations and the concluding report of the steering team to the government.

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