FSB 10.3 autonomous driving puts Tesla in an awkward position

FSB 10.3 autonomous driving puts Tesla in an awkward position
FSB 10.3 autonomous driving puts Tesla in an awkward position

Elon Musk, CEO of the American carmaker Tesla, revealed his company’s decision to postpone the launch of its new self-driving software, (FSB 10.3).

Musk explained in a tweet on Twitter that the reason for the American electric car manufacturer delaying its new software was due to problems that appeared during the final tests of the beta version, according to (Al Ain News).

He continued, “We see some problems in 10.3, so we are going back to 10.2) temporarily,” and he said, “Please note that this is expected from a software beta.”

On Friday, it was announced the release of the new driving assistance system for owners of Tesla models, which the company said contains many improvements, while Musk said the next day that its launch may be delayed by a day.

No information was available today about a new potential release date, either from Musk on social media or from Tesla’s press office.

The shares of the American electric car maker Tesla witnessed a significant rise in recent days in light of investors’ expectations that the company led by Elon Musk can overcome the shortage of electronic chips that severely affect automakers.

Tesla’s share price rose today by 1.7% to (859.61) dollars, to rise by more than (50%) from its low level on March 8, which was (563) dollars per share.

And the Bloomberg News Agency indicated that the stock reached this level after 8 weeks of rising, which is the longest period of steady rise for the stock since the outbreak of the emerging Corona virus pandemic.

At the same time, Tesla became the sixth largest listed company in the US by market capitalization, outperforming Berkshire Hathaway Investment Group.

For his part, Wedbush economist Daniel Ives wrote in a note yesterday, “We believe that the development of the green tide (the shift towards clean energy) will push Tesla stock further higher, despite the lack of electronic chips, in light of the positive impact of the company’s results during the third quarter of the year.” current year”.

Tesla’s stock has been rising steadily in recent months, thanks to its quarterly results that outperformed traditional automakers affected by the lack of chips. And Tesla sales during the third quarter increased more than analysts’ estimates.

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