Appoint a coach who can already work in the derby

Appoint a coach who can already work in the derby
Appoint a coach who can already work in the derby

On the morning after the dismissal of Patrick Van Leven, Maccabi Tel Aviv estimates that Mitch Goldhaar and Jack Angelidis are now working in an attempt to sign a new coach who can work and coach already in the Tel Aviv derby on November 7. The Yellows are still waiting for a game against Kiryat Shmona on Saturday and the following Thursday a home game against Helsinki in the Conference League, but the Yellows believe that great efforts are being made at the moment to close with a substitute so he can reach with his team at least until the game against the Finns. Immediately afterwards in front of the Reds.

It should be noted that after the municipal game in Bloomfield, which will be hosted by Maccabi, Israeli football goes on a three-week break – international + arm – and the next game will be in the Conference League against Lusk, also in Bloomfield, on November 25, so the new coach will arrive in time. This will take about three weeks to work with most of the staff.

Maccabi Tel Aviv fans outside Bloomfield

Vladimir Ivitch receives widespread support at the club, but even there they understand that it is not going to be easy at all to return him and in fact there is great skepticism among quite a few people at the club about the possibility of him returning. There is no doubt that there are more options and once Van Leven’s status was undermined, quite a few coaches were also offered to Englidis. The selection and screening process has been done before, as the club estimated that Van Leven’s days are numbered immediately after the final whistle in the loss to Maccabi Netanya. But now it’s a matter of negotiating and closing with the people that Goldhaar and his representative are convinced of their ability.

By the way, while Ivica’s name is the hottest in the headlines, another dismissed Watford coach offered to the Yellows is Cisco Munios, who at the time replaced the Serb with the team from London, and was fired himself three weeks ago after he promoted the club to the Premier League and started the season relatively well. Prior to that, Cisco worked at the Georgian Dynamo Tbilisi as a head coach for a short time and even earlier as an assistant coach at it and Nastik in the second division in Spain. According to sources in Spain, Cisco’s agent said that his name was submitted for examination by Maccabi Tel Aviv staff ten days ago.

The club environment continues to raise quite a few questions about the near future and many believe that the best move on the part of Goldhaar would be to bring back the previous managerial-sports model that worked well with Jordi Cruyff and then with Ben Mansford who had additional powers over the Dutchman. “There was a way here that worked, maybe this is the way Maccabi Tel Aviv should be run, not with a coach who is a total ruler who decides everything, but a character who manages this whole story in future even in such cases – that the coach is not good,” said Israeli football officials.

In the meantime, the team’s training will be conducted by the director of the football department, Barak Yitzhaki. The focus shifts to him and to the players. “It’s a piece of decision to fire a coach at this time especially since you are three super critical games in ten days before. The players will have to give of themselves here, “said the club and clarified to whom most of the attention is now directed, until Van Leven’s replacement is appointed.

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