Hamdan Bin Mohammed Award for Photography Announces Winners of “Engineering” and “Between Past and Present”

Hamdan Bin Mohammed Award for Photography Announces Winners of “Engineering” and “Between Past and Present”
Hamdan Bin Mohammed Award for Photography Announces Winners of “Engineering” and “Between Past and Present”

The General Secretariat of the Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum International Photography Award announced the winners of the “Instagram” competition for the months of August and September, as the theme of the August competition was “geometric”, and the September competition was entitled “Between the past and the present”.
The August edition of the competition revealed the excellence of Arab creativity in engineering photography, through the Saudi Munir Muhammad Al Hammad, the Egyptian Ahmed Abdel Hamid Shaaban, the Palestinian Hassan Thabet Sadiq, along with Shejith Onden Sheriath from India, and Muhammad Akib Amjad from Bangladesh.
The September edition of the competition announced a remarkable Egyptian victory, led by Ahmed Abdel Hamid Shaaban, the winner of the two competitions, respectively, along with his compatriot Khaled Suleiman.
The winners will receive the award’s appreciation medal, and their photos and names will be published on the award’s official account on “Instagram”.
Ali Khalifa Bin Thalith, Secretary-General of the award, said: “Engineering photography is a special kind of art that does not wait for the right moment, but rather creates it manually, designs its frames, and then produces exquisite works that reflect fragmentary visual aesthetics that the ordinary viewer may not notice. We provided this opportunity to discover people with this type of artistic ability, and indeed the results were very positive.”
He added: “One of the most prominent rhetorical abilities of the picture is its ability to visually compare between times. We chose this topic to open the way for lovers to observe the different changes over the years, and put it in a framework that ignites the public’s curiosity to reflect on the details of the change.. Congratulations to the winners who deserved to win through the excellence of their works. And we especially thank those who persevere in participating in all competitions of the award, and examining the winning works with the intention of learning and benefiting and enhancing the chances of winning. ».
Ahmed Abdel Hamid Shaaban says: It is an honor to win two competitions in a row with two different topics, and this boosts my confidence a lot. At the moment, I aspire to win the grand prize for this “Nature” course.
Munir Muhammad Al Hammad says: “This is my first victory. It was a really great feeling. I wasn’t expecting to win because of the difficulty of the competition. Winning enhances my CV and gives me the courage to develop my photography skills and promote it as a fine art, not just a photo shoot.”
As for Khaled Suleiman, he says: “I have previously won many competitions locally and internationally, the most famous of which is Photowalk 2019, but my victory in this competition made me feel especially happy, and the importance of achievement because of my continued attempts to participate in all the monthly and annual competitions that I had no luck in.”


Hamdan Bin Mohammed Award Photography Announces Winners Engineering Present

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