“HungerStation” and “AppGallery”… High-quality service for customers in Saudi Arabia – Saudi News

“HungerStation” and “AppGallery”… High-quality service for customers in Saudi Arabia – Saudi News
“HungerStation” and “AppGallery”… High-quality service for customers in Saudi Arabia – Saudi News

Huawei, the global technology giant, and HungerStation, the leading food delivery app in Saudi Arabia, began their partnership more than two years ago to enhance the convenience of customers across the kingdom when ordering food.

HungerStation was one of the first applications to join AppGallery in 2020, and it was integrated with the Huawei Mobile Services System (HMS), as this step provided customers in the Kingdom with a smooth and comfortable experience through their Huawei smart devices. The partnership has since grown even stronger with several campaigns that have brought customers in the Kingdom closer to HungerStation.

In this context, Abdullah Al-Saeed, Head of Partnerships at HungerStation, explained how this partnership succeeded, highlighting more about the cooperation with Huawei, since the integration of HungerStation with AppGallery.

Al-Saeed stressed the importance of HungerStation’s partnership with AppGallery and the HMS system, which “revolves around reaching the largest possible number of Huawei device users in the Kingdom and facilitating their use of the application and its services,” adding: “This partnership has helped HungerStation to activate its efforts to reach a large part of our customers who use Huawei devices.” Huawei, especially that AppGallery Huawei’s official store is the third largest application store in the world and provides a variety of global and local applications within 18 categories.”

He continued, “HungerStation is one of the first apps to be downloaded through AppGallery (since early 2020) and one of the first to be integrated with HMS. This is due to HungerStation’s interest and keenness to provide a distinctive and smoother experience for its customers through a completely local application available on all Huawei devices.”

Furthermore, Al-Saeed said: “The HungerStation app worked within the HMS system to run the app locally on the AppGallery, knowing that HungerStation is constantly working on improving and updating the app to provide a better user experience.” He indicated that they have cooperated in several campaigns and joint activities with the AppGallery team to introduce their users to the services they provide and achieve their goals of reaching all their customers using Huawei devices and facilitating their use of the application.

Al-Saeed also highlighted the benefits of this partnership in “enabling HungerStation to become the #1 food delivery app on AppGallery with over 1 million downloads across the app market. The campaigns launched with Huawei have been a huge success, with the latest campaign garnering more than 17 million views on social media, which enabled us to attract new customers, with an average of more than 30,000 new downloads.”

Al-Saeed announced that the support they received from the AppGallery team during the last period was wonderful. Huawei has provided a partnership based on its full commitment with developers through strong collaborative relationships, enhanced development tools, an ever-expanding comprehensive ecosystem, and an ever-growing user base, while also providing support in all technical and commercial requirements; Like achieving the goal of getting new users.

Al-Saeed added, “HungerStation will continue to work closely with Huawei’s business development team by integrating Huawei’s products and services and exploring all new opportunities.”

The Head of Partnerships explained that HungerStation will continue to cooperate more with Huawei in the future in order to achieve its business goals. He said that now that they have achieved this success in the partnership, they are looking forward to further integration with Huawei’s main products to provide an amazing experience across different devices, noting that they are currently in talks to work on launching the HungerStation app on the latest HUAWEI WATCH 3 series. This will allow HungerStation users order, and then track the status of their orders via the leading smartwatch directly and in real time.

Al-Saeed concluded by saying that “the company is in talks with the Huawei team to invest in Huawei Ads and activate HungerStation on the Petal Search tool in order to provide users with a smoother experience when ordering their needs on Huawei devices from food, consumables, pharmaceuticals, florists, and more.”

The full video of the exclusive interview with Abdullah Al-Saeed, Head of Partnerships at HungerStation

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