Expectations of a price increase after the regime raised the price of industrial diesel three times

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As of yesterday, Sunday, new prices for diesel oil began to be applied in Syria, three times as much, for private industrial facilities and private commercial and service activities, which is expected to cause a significant increase in prices in the regime-controlled areas.

The “Ministry of Internal Trade and Consumer Protection” in the regime’s government set the selling price of one liter of industrial and commercial diesel at 1,700 Syrian pounds, noting that raising the price of the substance is only related to private industrial facilities and private commercial and service activities.

On October 19 last year, the Ministry issued a decision to raise the price of a liter of industrial and free commercial diesel, to 650 Syrian pounds.

It quoted, “Increasing the price of diesel in this way will raise the prices of all kinds of goods, whether for the manufacture or transportation, which increases the burdens on the Syrians.”

The sources – who asked not to be named – added to the German news agency, “The Syrian regime’s control areas suffer from a severe shortage of fuel even if its prices have been raised, so now these facilities are heading towards alternative energies, especially solar energy, in light of the difficulty of securing oil derivatives due to the imposed siege.” over Syria.

The areas under the control of the regime are witnessing a severe crisis with fuel, especially diesel and gasoline, as most of the families that specified distribution through the smart card did not receive the 50 liters.


Expectations price increase regime raised price industrial diesel times

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