“Dubai Holdings” is organizing the exhibition “When Pictures Speak” at the Etihad Museum next November 6

“Dubai Holdings” is organizing the exhibition “When Pictures Speak” at the Etihad Museum next November 6
“Dubai Holdings” is organizing the exhibition “When Pictures Speak” at the Etihad Museum next November 6

The “Dubai Collectibles” initiative announced the details of its first in attendance art exhibition entitled “When Pictures Talk”, which will include a collection of the collections of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, in addition to the most prominent artworks. Selected from the “Dubai Collectibles” group that recently joined this initiative, which was established through a new and innovative partnership model that combines exceptional artworks submitted from the collections of individuals and institutions to be available to the public, as well as to benefit from them for educational and educational purposes.

The exhibition, which will be held under the supervision of the curator, Dr. Nada Shabout, will present a collection of works of modern and contemporary art from all over the region, tracing the historical path of the development of the Arab arts movement from modernity towards contemporary trends, while highlighting the role of the Arab Gulf region in documenting the reality of art history in the region. through its various stages.

On this occasion, Her Highness Sheikha Latifa bint Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Chairwoman of the Dubai Culture and Arts Authority and Chairperson of the Supreme Committee for Dubai Collections, said: “The opening of the ‘When Pictures Speak’ exhibition is an important event in the course of the ‘Dubai Collectibles’ initiative, as it contributes to activating the ‘Dubai Collectibles’ exhibition. And the achievement of this innovative initiative on the ground to be part of the cultural movement in our city, and this achievement would not have been achieved without the sponsors’ trust and belief in the ambition and message of this project, which seeks to present art in public places to all audiences in the UAE and abroad, and to form a link between sponsors and artists. and building a distinguished international art collection from Dubai to the world, supporting the cultural sector in the emirate.”

Her Highness added: “We are pleased to present through our first exhibition ‘When Pictures Speak’ outstanding works of art, while the exhibition will enrich a collection of collections of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, confirming His Highness’ support for the cultural and artistic sector in Dubai. The exhibition will witness a rich narrative of Arab art. In the twentieth century, highlighting the vital role played by the Arab Gulf states in documenting this artistic period, we look forward to welcoming everyone to our inaugural exhibition at the Etihad Museum next November.”

historical survey

For her part, Dr. Nada Shabout, curator of the exhibition, commented: “With the aim of creating a historical survey on modern and contemporary art in the region, the exhibition “When Pictures Speak” will feature works by some of the most influential and progressive artists, all of whom played a pivotal role in shaping art movements. The twentieth century witnessed one of the major transformations that led to the establishment of the various states in the Arab world following their independence and the initiation of building their modern structures.Through theses and artistic icons that reflected the national identities of their societies, these artists played a role It has played a vital role in shaping the national consciousness in their countries.

three sections

The exhibition includes three sections, revolving around three central themes, where the artworks serve as archival records of the era in which they were produced, and chronicle the history of art in the region over the past decades, while the many art collections displayed overlap and intersect in their themes.

Under the title “Abstract Varieties”, the story of the first chapter of the exhibition explores the topic of abstraction in modern Arab art. The section includes works by a group of prominent artists in the region, including Dia Al-Azzawi and Omar Al-Najdi. Abstraction was the subject of an important debate with political theses among Arab artists in the mid-twentieth century, representing a means of claiming identity and a form of search for independence for some, while others questioned the ability of abstraction to communicate ideas to the public, believing that it prevented art from playing a role More directly into patriotic education. Although abstraction was seen as a way to move into the future, it was also seen as a way to reconnect with the past.

The second chapter of the exhibition, entitled “Societies in Transition”, presents the artists’ visions of society, history, family, myths and culture. The works presented in this section by the artists Baya Mohieldin and Naziha Selim, and the artist Asaad Orabi reflect the artists’ concepts and dialogues about the self through community relations, as well as local struggles for independence and the formation of states in a global context. In this era the idea of ​​internationalism gained particular importance, as artists sought to connect and interact with artistic movements in Europe and other regions of the world, such as the Indian subcontinent. In an attempt to confront the forward-looking narrative imposed by the West, these artists represented their reality and their people, and we see this in their works that speak of flexibility and creativity in the face of conflicts.

Through the third and final chapter of the exhibition under the title “Evoking the Environment”, it explores the viewer through the works of high artistic figures, such as Fateh Al Mudarres, Abdel Qader Al Rayes, Najib Belkhoja, and other artists. the nation” in some works; Other works record the transformation of small towns and villages into larger urban spaces, as each country develops its modern identity.

The exhibition aims mainly to focus on the role of the UAE in documenting the lively academic and intellectual exchange between the many artists whose works are displayed in the exhibition, as well as highlighting the active role of the UAE, not only as a creative center for artists, but also in documenting the history of art in the region.

The digital catalog, which will be published in conjunction with the exhibition, and includes research by Dr. Nada Shabout, will contribute to clarifying the contexts in which the presented works were presented.

From a comprehensive and holistic perspective, “Dubai Collectibles” is an opportunity for sponsors to display their collections, and artists to display their artworks on a platform accessible to a wide audience. The initiative interacts with the history of the Emirate of Dubai, reflects its vibrant identity and openness, and enhances its position as a global center for art and culture.

The exhibition will coincide with the launch of the digital museum of the “Dubai Collectibles” initiative, which will contain a brochure of the works included in the initiative, biographies of all the artists whose works are displayed, as well as important content about the history of acquiring artworks in the UAE, glimpses of the most prominent sponsors participating in the initiative, and additional information. About the business involved.

It is noteworthy that the “Dubai Collectibles” initiative was developed in cooperation with the “Art Dubai Group”, which represents “Dubai Culture” in managing the initiative’s activities, and constitutes the main point of contact for all its operations.

The exhibition “When Pictures Talk” will open on November 6 at the Etihad Museum in Dubai to showcase the collections of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum and a range of other Dubai art collections. The Etihad Museum receives its visitors daily from 10:00 in the morning until 8:00 in the evening.

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