A political clash surrounds the electoral law and threatens the parliamentary elections

A political clash surrounds the electoral law and threatens the parliamentary elections
A political clash surrounds the electoral law and threatens the parliamentary elections

Mohamed Choucair
Prominent political sources fear that Parliament will turn into an open arena for political engagement by inviting its Speaker, Nabih Berri, the joint parliamentary committees to meet tomorrow (Tuesday), to consider President Michel Aoun’s response to the amendments law to the electoral law that was approved by his general body in its legislative session last week and adopted It literally contains the contents of the objections recorded by his political heir, the head of the Free Patriotic Movement, MP Gebran Bassil, to the amendments in his objectionable intervention in the session without gaining the support of the parliamentary majority, with the exception of his ally “Hezbollah”, although he was distinguished from him by his support for holding the parliamentary elections on March 27 (March 2022), in exchange for its harmony with it, by allocating an electoral district for residents of expatriate countries to elect 6 deputies, bringing the number of parliament members to 134.

The political sources pointed out to Asharq Al-Awsat that the dispute over the amendments approved by the General Assembly with its parliamentary majority created burning articles that will dominate the meeting of the joint committees after the “National Current” paved the way for them with a thunderbolt political attack targeting the “Amal” movement headed by Berri, forcing it to respond. With a similar unprecedented attack, he was not limited to Bassil, but withdrew directly to President Aoun and his political team by focusing on the “black room” run by former Minister Salim Jreissati through the judicial investigator in the Beirut port explosion, Judge Tariq Al-Bitar.

And she affirms that the convening of the parliamentary committees meeting in light of the electrifying atmosphere that dominates the general political situation, and which will be present par excellence in the interventions of parliamentarians on the amendments in light of Aoun’s failure to sign them, coincides this time with the continued disruption of the cabinet sessions against the background of the demand of the “Shiite duo” to disqualify the judge. Al-Bitar stopped his efforts to continue the investigation into the file of the explosion in the port of Beirut, while the Supreme Judicial Council did not come up with a settlement to restore the dead government in light of Prime Minister Najib Mikati’s insistence not to interfere, in compliance with the principle of separation of powers.

The sources quoted a prominent parliamentary source as saying that the Miqatiya government was one of the first victims of the “bloody storm” that hit the Tayouneh area in the southern suburbs of Beirut, and said that attempts are underway to get it out of the cycle of disruption after it almost turned before it reached the first month of its birth into a caretaker government. This is what the “Loyalty to the Resistance” bloc – “Hezbollah” called for in its last meeting by calling on the ministers to activate their productivity, but how, when and this is what remains?

And she believes – according to the parliamentary source – that the statement of the Minister of Culture, Judge Muhammad Murtada in the name of the duo, that he and his colleagues are ready to return to attend the sessions of the Council of Ministers in the event that Mikati decides to invite the resumption of its sessions, is not spent in a place because he knows well and in advance that he will not risk his invitation so as not to transfer the political clash to within its sessions, and therefore he is still committed to turning the corners, perhaps pushing towards saving his government from disruption, especially since it is considered one of the “fastest” governments in Lebanon’s history that goes out within a short period of time to conduct business at a time when everyone, with international support, hopes that it will prepare what it has committed to. In terms of working to save the country and rescue it from collapse instead of rolling into decline.

Political sources believe that the high level of political, security and judicial clashes in light of the economic and living downturn that besieges the Lebanese who do not find solutions to their accumulated problems and crises, would not have existed if President Aoun had taken the initiative, since his election as President of the Republic, to position himself in the middle of the road between the political forces instead of He behaves as though he is still in his position before his election as head of the “national movement”, which has made him lose his willingly conciliatory role that allows him to bring the Lebanese together and communicate with them so that he does not remain, as is the case now, far from communicating with his opponents who are at the same time at odds with his heir. The politician who installed himself as the head of the shadow with the approval of his uncle and the political team surrounding him that does not move a finger unless he receives the green light from Basil.

She asserts that Aoun is the one who isolated the Presidency of the Republic from his opponents, and decided to stay away from them, and his only concern is to re-float Basil. She says that all these crises could not accumulate if he took it upon himself to act impartially instead of releasing his son-in-law’s hand after granting him absolute authority to disrupt cabinet sessions previously and finally authorizing him to name his ministers in the timetable government who were subjected to exams before that as a condition for their entry into them.

She pointed out that Aoun bears a primary responsibility for taking the country to more crisis after demolishing the political bridges to meet with the most prominent components in the country, which led to the transformation of the National Movement building in Mirna Chalouhi Center into an operations room that manages political and presidential affairs at the same time.

Therefore, the political clash besieges the meeting of the parliamentary committees tomorrow in the absence of any attempt to drag the country into an intractable crisis, with growing suspicions that the parliamentary elections will be held on time, in light of Parliament’s involvement in a division, including the previous divisions, and not betting on international pressure to complete them on time, after it became clear to Al-Qassy. It is close to the fact that the insistence of the European Union to threaten to impose sanctions on those who accused it of obstructing the formation of the government and later obstructing the parliamentary elections is nothing but a sound bomb that has no political repercussions.

In this context, and in the absence of any attempt to reach a settlement to avoid political clashes within the parliamentary committees, the failure to operate the engines until the hour to save the situation inevitably means that the political alignment within Parliament that was behind the introduction of the amendments to the electoral law, which is still in force, will remain unchanged and will not Alter the balance of power to bet on an understanding that leads to an amendment in the proposed amendments to the law.
The question remains on the lips of the political sources about the scenario that the committee meeting may witness, and whether it will end up confirming the certainty of maintaining them as approved by the General Assembly in Parliament in the event that it is decided to call them for a meeting to be held next Thursday in order not to prejudice the legal deadlines for holding the elections on March 27 and with the approval of half of the number of deputies plus One, that is, 65 deputies? Or are there invisible interventions that will open the door to reaching a settlement by consensus on a new version of the amendments, and this requires the approval of half the number of attendees plus one, provided that a quorum is secured for the session?

However, all these expectations are nothing but speculations – as the sources say to Asharq Al-Awsat – because of their fears that the committees’ session will witness a sharp debate that will pave the way for the entry of the “National Current” in a bone-breaking battle that goes beyond Berri to the parliamentary majority, especially since Basil was There is no need to lure “Amal” into a missile clash if, from the point of view of his opponents, he wants to hold the elections on time instead of igniting the preparations for the committees session with burning materials that can only end with the tyranny of one party over another while the timely government stands on the sidelines while Hezbollah seeks » To take into account Basil, but without any political turmoil that could shake or threaten his relationship with his strategic ally, President Berri.

Accordingly, Bassil chose “Amal” to direct his political fire on Berri after he realized – as the sources say – that he needed to summon an opponent to incite him in the Christian street as an alternative to the “forces” to avoid Christian embarrassment, as he was being subjected to a “war of abolition” by Hezbollah. And also about the “Marada” movement in light of the red lines drawn by Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah, not only by pointing out its role, but also by forbidding any harm to it.

The question remains: How will the general framework of the election law be in the event that the general assembly in Parliament adheres to the letter of the amendments? Will Bassil, after the law becomes effective, resort to appealing it? And what is the guarantee that the dispute will withdraw to the Constitutional Council in the event it convenes to consider it, or if it is not possible to meet in order to avoid involving it in sectarian and sectarian division?

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