“Expose me” .. An Egyptian kills his friend, then cuts his neck and burns his body

A heinous crime witnessed in Sohag Governorate, southern Egypt, where a street vendor killed his friend and burned his body, due to financial disputes between them.

In the details, the accused made Rajab. M (35 years), with detailed confessions of killing his friend Ahmed, 38, in a village affiliated to Juhaina Center in Sohag. According to what was reported by Al-Watan website.

He added that he had to borrow from the dead man because of a health problem with one of his children, so he loaned him the amount he requested, but he was late in repaying, on the specified date, so the dead man went to him and asked him to sign a trust receipt, which he signed.

“threatened me”

And the accused continued, “When I was late in paying the specified date, he exposed me in front of my family and the people in the country, and I could not pay with me, so he threatened me that he would put me in prison with the receipt that he had, pointing out that he decided to get rid of his friend, so he called him and told him that he would meet him to pay the debt and obtain the receipt.

The accused also explained that he met the victim and took his car with him, and on a deserted road, he asked him to get off, then he was shot by an individual with a cartridge, and he pulled a knife and slaughtered him, to confirm death, after which he searched his clothes and obtained the trust receipt, then poured gasoline on the body and set it on fire. Then he dug a hole and buried the body after being cremated, and returned to his home.

the location of the corpse

The accused instructed the investigation authorities about the location of the body, as well as the two weapons and the car used in the incident, so the accused was referred to the Public Prosecution Office, which decided to imprison him for 15 days pending investigations.

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