Report in Syria: Israeli aircraft valid in Quneitra

Report in Syria: Israeli aircraft valid in Quneitra
Report in Syria: Israeli aircraft valid in Quneitra

The alleged attack is the first after a “warm and positive meeting” between Bennett and Putin over the weekend in which Israel and Russia agreed on the continuation of existing policies in Syria • Among the targets attacked: Syrian regime forces and allies


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Assault in Syria. archives

“Israel is valid in Syria”: so Reported tonight (Sunday to Monday) in Arab media. According to various reports, including from the Syrian Center for Human Rights, Israeli aircraft attacked forces of the Syrian regime and its allies inThe outskirts of the city of al-Baath returnedConitra County. The alleged attack was carried out using two missiles and it caused a “substantial loss”, but the extent of the damage and whether there were any casualties were reported.

Bennett-Putin meeting: Agree on the continuation of the existing policy between Israel and Russia | Photo: Kobi Gideon, GPO

It was further reported that the attack tonight is the first to come after receiving a “green light” from Russia on the subject. Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and Minister Zeev Elkin met this weekend with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Sochi and discussed, among other things, the policy of Israeli attacks in Syria. One of the important issues agreed at the meeting was Continuation of existing policies in Syria.

Quneitra, Syria. archives | Photo: Reuters, News

Minister Zeev Elkin said that “the level of intimacy of the meeting was among the hottest in this decade.” He said the two had discussed in depth the Iranian nuclear program and the prime minister “presented his worldview regarding ways to halt the Iranian nuclear program and Iran’s establishment in Syria.”

About ten days ago, an Israeli attack was reported in Syria in the Tadmor area. A Syrian army source then claimed that the attack resulted in the death of a soldier and the injury of three others. According to the country’s state news agency, Syrian air defense forces clashed with “hostile forces” in Homs province, and that the launches were carried out from northern Syria.


Report Syria Israeli aircraft valid Quneitra

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