These are the most prominent reactions to developments in Sudan

These are the most prominent reactions to developments in Sudan
These are the most prominent reactions to developments in Sudan
Khartoum, the capital of Sudan, is witnessing a massive military deployment in conjunction with a campaign of arrests of Sudanese political figures and party leaders.

The Sudanese Prime Minister’s office told “Sky News Arabia” that Sudanese Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok has been placed under house arrest, while it was reported that Hamdok will issue a statement on developments in Sudan “soon.”

Earlier, the Sudanese Ministry of Information said that “members of the Transitional Sovereignty Council of the civilian component were arrested,” adding that “a number of ministers of the transitional government were arrested by joint military forces.”

For its part, the Sudanese Ministry of Information said that joint military forces stormed the radio and television headquarters in Omdurman and detained a number of workers.

local feedback

In terms of local reactions to developments in Sudan, the Sudanese Communist Party later called for “a declaration of political strike and civil disobedience.”

For its part, the Sudanese Professionals Association alluded to the existence of a military move to seize power in Sudan, and a statement by the Sudanese gathering called on the Sudanese to take to the streets to resist what it considered a coup.

In an appeal issued by the Sudanese Professionals Association to the Sudanese people and its revolutionary forces, it stated: “There are reports of a military move aimed at seizing power, which means our return to the evil cycle of authoritarian rule, oppression and terrorism, and to undermine what our people gained through their struggles and sacrifices in the glorious December revolution.” .

The statement added, “We appeal to the masses of the Sudanese people, their revolutionary forces, and the resistance committees in the neighborhoods in all cities, villages and al-Furqan, to go out to the streets and occupy them completely, and to prepare to resist any military coup, regardless of the forces behind it.”

He concluded his statement by saying, “The revolution is a people’s revolution… power and wealth for the people,” and “no to a military coup.”

For its part, the Political Bureau of the Sudanese Congress Party issued a statement that included an appeal to the Sudanese people, saying: “In a response to the rule of oppression and terrorism, and a return to the dark era to undermine the glorious December revolution and the struggles of the Sudanese people, military forces at dawn today arrested the country and arrested a number of members of my council. Sovereignty, ministers, some state governors, members of the Empowerment Removal Committee, leaders of the Declaration of Freedom and Change Forces, and a number of leaders of the Professionals Association.

The statement added: “Therefore, we call and urge the masses of the Sudanese people as a whole and in all parts of Sudan to take to the streets immediately. We call upon all the forces of the revolution and the resistance committees in all neighborhoods, villages, countryside, localities and cities of Sudan, to unite as one impregnable line, and to resist this military coup, however it is impeded and under any name.” He was the one who was standing behind him.

As for the National Umma Party, it considered the developments in Sudan as a “violation of the constitutional document and an illegal act,” while the Sudanese Unionist Party called “the masses of the people to go to the streets to protect the revolution,” and demanded the immediate release of all detainees.

Among other local reactions to the current events and developments in Sudan, the steering committee of the Sudanese Pilots Union announced, today, Monday, the general strike and civil disobedience.

The committee called on all members, including pilots, aviation workers and the Sudanese people, to “go out into the streets and protect the revolution of the Sudanese people” in response to what it described as a “military coup”.

Arabic reactions

For its part, the Arab League expressed today, Monday, its concern over the developments in Sudan, and called on the Sudanese parties to abide by the signed transitional arrangements.

The Secretary-General of the League of Arab States, Ahmed Aboul Gheit, expressed his deep concern about the developments in Sudan, calling on all Sudanese parties to fully abide by the constitutional document signed in August 2019 with the participation of the international community and the Arab League, as well as the Juba Peace Agreement for the year 2020.

An official source in the General Secretariat said that there are no problems that cannot be resolved without dialogue, and it is important to respect all decisions and agreements that were agreed upon regarding the transitional period, leading to holding elections on their scheduled dates, and refraining from any measures that would disrupt the transitional period or shake stability in Sudan.

External reactions

In the first external reaction to the accelerating developments in Sudan, the US Special Envoy for the Horn of Africa expressed grave concern about the reports of the military coup in Sudan.

Today, Monday, US Special Envoy Jeffrey Feltman said that the United States is deeply concerned about reports of the army’s control of the transitional government in Sudan, according to Reuters.

Feltman warned through the official Twitter account of the Office of African Affairs of the US State Department that the control of the army contradicts the Sudanese constitutional declaration and threatens US aid to the country.

For his part, EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said, “We are following with concern the developments of events in Sudan,” and called on all Sudanese parties to return to the path of the transitional process.

The United Nations also expressed “grave concern over developments in Sudan,” according to Reuters.

The representative of the United Nations Mission in Sudan “UNIMETS” called on the Sudanese security forces to immediately release those who were arrested “illegally or placed under house arrest. It is the responsibility of these forces to ensure the security and safety of the people in their custody.”

He also urged “all parties to exercise the utmost restraint,” adding: “All parties must immediately return to dialogue and participate in good faith to restore constitutional order.”

He also said, “I am very concerned about reports of an ongoing coup and attempts to undermine Sudan’s political transition. The prolonged arrests of the Prime Minister, government officials and politicians are unacceptable.”

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