Does the “party” support the “current” in the battle of appeals?

Does the “party” support the “current” in the battle of appeals?
Does the “party” support the “current” in the battle of appeals?

Merlin Wehbe

Observers believe that the scenes of the amendments to the electoral law in the last session of the House of Representatives seemed to aim at a specific goal, which is to curb the “Free Patriotic Movement”, which is the goal that appeared to be the will of the majority of players in the decisions of the current parliament, after supporting the vote on the amendments, which It would not have passed without the approval of the movement’s most powerful ally, Hezbollah, which surprised the movement with its vote, if not to say its indifference to passing these amendments. , that they will be by his side as essential allies, in the face of any emergency, electoral danger, or amendment of laws that may pose a danger to their positions in the internal political arena. What modified the party’s positions in the midst of the election, and will these developments affect the alliance between the two parties, i.e. the movement and the party in the elections, if they happen? And the most important question is, was it just a “slap” to raise awareness of the current that lost a tour because of it! Or will the “party” compensate for it by standing with its ally in the battle of appeals?
It is known to all that the election law, which was approved on June 14 of the year 2017, is a large and fat law, with complex articles and many deadlines. .

However, the follow-up circles believe that the amendment does not have to be a sovereign decision, but rather a political decision aimed at twisting the arm of the Covenant, which alone objected to the amendments in form and content.

At a time when circles close to the Covenant and its leader expected to meet Hezbollah in its parliamentary battle against the amendments, those circles were surprised by the indifference shown by the party during the last parliamentary session, if not to say that it did not object to those amendments to the law, by voting on them. What sources close to the movement see as somewhat surprising, which in their opinion prompted Minister Gibran Bassil to ask the Speaker to re-vote, not by raising hands for a few seconds, but by calling the names according to the rules and according to what the constitution requires, so that Basil could also ascertain the number of supporters for the amendments. After he was surprised by the hands raised in support of the amendments by the Loyalty to the Resistance Bloc.

Emphasis and other affirmations

What is certain, according to current circles, is that Bassil is continuing his preparations for the reasons for challenging the amendments approved in the last session, which are many and surprising, according to his sources’ leaks, which hint that the reasons for the appeals on which the “Strong Lebanon” bloc will be based are known only to the constitutional team, which is In the process of preparing it. She was surprised by the analyzes that spoke of a rejection or a proactive response to it by the Constitutional Council, saying: “How can these people realize that the Constitutional Council will respond to the appeals when they are already ignorant of the compelling reasons that the constitutional team of the bloc is still in the process of preparing?”

However, what is not certain in this context, and before the appeals are accepted or rejected by the Constitutional Council, is the possibility of the Parliament Speaker accepting the President’s remarks, or also the possibility of insisting on them! Which will become clear tomorrow, Tuesday, with Speaker Berri calling for a parliamentary session next Thursday to decide on the issue of the election law after reconsidering those observations, while the surprise may be in the eyes of some, acceptance of President Aoun’s remarks, and blocking the path of appeals that will possibly threaten the fate of the elections Parliament in its entirety.

However, this hypothesis is also among the conclusions that cannot be ascertained or assumed, according to observers of the last parliamentary session, who noted the decisive insistence of the Speaker on the correctness of the amendment decision in form and content, and who also accompanied the verbal escalation between him and the head of the current, which in their opinion It does not indicate a change in attitudes on both sides.

limited slap

In this context, the movement’s circles pointed out that the insistence or intransigence of one of the Shiite duo’s parties does not necessarily apply to the performance of the “Loyalty to the Resistance” bloc, which, according to informed sources, wanted to direct a limited slap to the “Free Patriotic Movement” because of its positions in support of To a large extent, Judge Bitar would not be removed, except in accordance with constitutional frameworks.

However, according to the same sources, this blow will be limited, because what unites the party and the current is much greater than what divides them. Therefore, these sources believe that the confrontation will not be open between the “orange current” and the “yellow party” at the time of harvest. As for those close to the two groups, this is “not loving Ali, but detesting Omar,” meaning after their fierce battle with the common enemy, that is, the head of the “Lebanese Forces” party, Samir Geagea. This will force the consolidation of their alliance, to prevent Geagea from taking over the largest Christian opposition bloc in the upcoming elections.

Therefore, the sources point out that any tension that appears for one reason or another between the Shiite duo will not deter the two sides from blocking the spotlight on it, when the strategic interests of the Shiite duo are in danger.

All this is to say that if “Hezbollah” stands by the indifferent attitude in the parliamentary round in front of Minister Basil’s objections, it will not be like that in keeping pace with the confrontation that the “current” will launch, through its appeals to the amendments in the Constitutional Council.

Emphasis and other affirmations

In summary, well-informed sources point out that what is not certain is:

The objective for which some articles in the current election law were amended.

– If the amendment was really just an excuse to lure the appeals and distort the elections, what would entail the process of appeals in terms of wasting deadlines, preparations and positive procedures before setting the date of the elections.

– What is certain is that the party will not care, perhaps, if the elections take place or do not take place on time. However, he will certainly be happier, happier and more satisfied if these elections are obstructed, especially without his hand! On the basis of “the assembly that we know remains much better than the assembly that we do not know or expect.”

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