5 reasons that lead to the appearance of bruises on your body .. one of them is very dangerous

Mohamed Ismail – Cairo – A person gets bruises for various reasons, some of which are caused by hitting something, while others appear on their own, unlike younger individuals, the elderly are more prone to bruises. However, the most important thing to note is the possible reasons behind anyone getting injured. Bruises can either be due to a health condition or some medications, and in a report for the Times of India website reveals the details that everyone should beware of when anyone is exposed to it, according to Al Arabiya.

Bleeding disorders
One common cause of bruises is bleeding disorders. These are a group of conditions that occur when a person’s blood does not clot at all or occurs too slowly. Bleeding disorders such as hemophilia or von Willebrand’s disease are among the most common causes of bruising. Such diseases have a defective or absent protein that is necessary for blood clotting. .
Liver diseases
Excessive alcohol intake can lead to liver problems such as cirrhosis. As liver disease progresses and becomes more complex, it limits the production of protein from the liver that is necessary for blood clotting. This can lead to excessive bleeding and cause frequent and easy bruising.

Some types of cancer related to the blood or bone marrow, known as leukemia, may lead to bruising. People with leukemia are more likely to bruise because their bodies do not produce enough platelets to stop bleeding in the blood vessels. However, bruising from leukemia is no different from bruising. Caused by any other cause but may appear in unusual areas of the body.

Vitamin C or K deficiency
Vitamin C deficiency can lead to health conditions such as scurvy. This also results in painful bleeding gums, unexplained cuts and easy bruising. Additionally, vitamin K, an important nutrient that helps form blood clots and stops bleeding, is essential to prevent any bruising that can occur. Vitamin K deficiency can cause a sudden increase in signs of bruising on the body.

Blood thinners
Blood thinners such as aspirin can prevent blood clots, causing a person to bleed more and cause bruising, even and unless absolutely necessary and according to a doctor’s prescription. and bruising.

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