Did you know that there are 5 organs in your body.. “Do not oblige”?!

Although the human body is made up in a way that every organ has its role, there are some unnecessary parts, according to scientists.

A new study has revealed that there are 5 organs that your body can survive without and without imbalance at all, among them:

First the wisdom tooth, where Peter S. Unger, a dental anthropologist and evolutionary biologist, reported that three-quarters of us suffered from wisdom teeth, explaining that one of the reasons for its existence is that it helped humans in the past to chew and digest difficult and unprocessed food, explaining that these teeth do not fit So we were.

Life goes on without it

And secondly, the appendix: the study confirmed that it is unnecessary, and the evidence for this is the continuation of life normally after its removal, and it is not yet clear what its role in humans is, and according to some assumptions revealed by Dr. Jay Elad, a general surgeon from Meir Clalit Medical Center They play a certain role in the body’s immune system.

Also Jacobson’s organ, found between the nose and mouth, and in humans it deteriorates during fetal development as in sharks, bats and monkeys. While many studies have reported, there is no neural connection between the fetus and our central nervous system, so it is often unnecessary.

As for the fourth, it is the standing muscles of the hair, which are small bumps that appear on the skin in cases of fear or cold, and they are often not useful at all.

Components of the human body

Finally, the ear muscles. If you know how to move your ears, you probably have stronger muscles in your ears, but this strange ability has no physiological advantage in humans today.

Dr. Gertie explained that many animals use a version of these muscles to move the ear, as anyone who has ever bred a dog or cat will attest, but it is more or less unnecessary.

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