Big 5 for Ajax on PSV

Big 5 for Ajax on PSV
Big 5 for Ajax on PSV

Ajax met tonight (Sunday) for the big game of the season in the Dutch league PSV Eindhoven and Eran Zehavi, who completed 90 minutes, but could not help his team avoid a very humiliating defeat. The champion dismantled the second in the table 0: 5, opened a gap of 4 points and achieved perfect revenge for the 4: 0 loss in the Dutch Super Cup at the start of the season.

PSV opened the game with a storm and got into big situations in the first ten minutes when Vinicius and Roma stopped at Fassbar. Zehavi was very active in the opening and almost scored but was stopped by the goalkeeper, who repeatedly prevented Eindhoven’s players from scoring. As the minutes passed, the champion entered the game and in the 19th minute also took the lead, when the excellent Dusan Tadic found a wonderful ball for Steven Brahaus, who from 10 meters did not get confused and bombed the net of Drummel.

Ajax breaks down Peso and Zahavi with a five

Zehavi continued to be active on offense and squeezed a free-kick, Busquagli kicked herself but was again stopped by Fassbar, who was the champion’s man in the first half. The hosts increased the pressure towards the end of the half, Braheus and Haller reached tremendous opportunities in the box at the end of orderly attacks, but were stopped time and time again by the visitors’ defense.

Eindhoven actually started the second half well and tried to equalize when he kicked a close-range kick, but was stopped again by Fassbar. From then on, only one team was on the field – Ajax started abusing their opponent mercilessly and in the 56th minute, Dusan Tadic recorded his second cooking of the game after raising a wonderful corner kick and Sebastian Haller hit the net herself. The champion continued with a blitz on the guest’s goal, which completely disappeared from the game. 10 minutes after the second, the wonderful Anthony took control of a ball in the box after a serious mistake in the PSV defense and easily rolled it into the net.

Another 10 minutes passed and this was already the champion’s fourth, which presented a simply outstanding football – a wide ball went to Sebastian Haller who tried to kick, but the attempt was repelled to Davey Klassen, who rolled the ball close to the net and completed a sweet revenge on the 4-0 Super Cup. Did you think it’s over here? So you better think again. Dusan Tadic did not settle for two assists, received a ball in the box, passed the goalkeeper in an amazing way and rolled the champion’s fifth into the net. What a huge win for Ajax, which seems unstoppable at this point of the season.

PSV does not have time to sink into depression after this game and it knows that it must return to the winning track after two consecutive losses, in order not to get into black bile. Eindhoven will meet Twente this coming Saturday for an important battle and on the other hand, Ajax will try to continue in their formidable form when they meet the Hercules Elmello in the next round.

first half:

Minute 3: PSV opened strong: Vinicius rose to a high ball and hit well, but Fassbar stopped the ball just before penetrating the net.

Minute 5: Eran Zehavi’s first chance: The Israeli striker received a ball inside the box and kicked hard, Passbar was in place again and saved Ajax.

8th minute: Broma kicked hard from an extension but was stopped again by the wonderful Fassbar.

15th minute: Good opportunity for Aikes: A corner kick landed on the head of Lisandro Martinez who hit well but was stopped on the goal line, the return ball went straight to the foot of Martinez who kicked hard and was stopped again by the defense.

Minute 19: Gate! Ajax went up to a 0: 1 advantage: Dushan Tadic’s perfect depth ball reached the excellent Steven Braheus who from about 10 meters did not get confused and bombed Drummel’s net.

28th minute: Great opportunity for Ajax: Haller handed Anthony a kick from the edge of the box, but his ball went a few inches past Drummel’s goal post.

30th minute: Eran Zehavi squeezed a free kick on the edge of the box, Busquagli kicked an excellent shot but again Fassbar was on the spot and recorded a huge save.

43rd minute: Ajax’s incredible attack: Tadic hit the blind who put a perfect depth ball to Brachaus who kicked, but was stopped at the last minute by Eindhoven’s defense.

44 minutes: A wonderful opportunity for Ajax: Sebastian Haller received a beautiful pass in the box, a good kick but was stopped by the PSV defense.

second half:

Minute 46: Mario slammed home in the Ajax defense but kicked weakly into the hands of Fassbar.

Minute 56: Goal! Ajax took a 0: 2 lead: A wonderful corner kick by Dusan Tadic reached the head of Sebastian Haller who slammed himself into the net of PSV.

Minute 67: Goal! Ajax took a 0: 3 lead: Haller took advantage of a serious mistake by the PSV defense, told Anthony that in front of the goalkeeper was not confused and rolled the third into the net.

Minute 76: Ajax’s goal increased to a 0: 4 advantage: A wide ball went to Sebastian Haller who tried to kick, the ball was pushed to Davey Klassen who kicked close to the net.

92 minutes: Ajax took a 0: 5 lead: Dusan Tadic also joined the celebration. The wonderful midfielder received a ball in the box, passed the goal and rolled the ball into the net.

Ajax composition: Ramco Fassber, Iurian Timber, Edson Alvarez, Ryan Harpenberg, Dusan Tadic, Anthony Santos, Nussair Mazrawi, Daley Blind, Lissando Martinez, Sebastian Haller and Steven Braheus.

The composition of PSV: Joel Drummel, Philippe Moana, Andre Ramalio, Olbia Bozcali, Philip Max, Ibrahim Sangra, Marco Van Hinkel, Mario Getza, Broma, Eran Zehavi and Vinicius.

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