“The New Israel Fund supports an organization that cooperates with the BDS”

“The New Israel Fund supports an organization that cooperates with the BDS”
“The New Israel Fund supports an organization that cooperates with the BDS”

A report by the If You Will movement reveals that the New Israel Fund has increased its contributions to a number of left-wing and refugee aid organizations, at least one of which is affiliated with the BDS movement. On the State of Israel. “

According to data from the Research and Policy Division of the If You Will movement, the foundation donated $ 125,000 to the organization Baldana in 2020. It was recently posted on Baldana’s Facebook that they are collaborating with a BDS organization from Qatar called QAYONN. The website of the Qatari organization states that the organization opposes any form of normalization with the “Zionist entity”, and that they run boycott campaigns as part of the BDS movement.
A joint event of the two organizations called “Honor and Hope” was held for the benefit of the detainees in Operation The Wall Guard. The Baldana organization is known for its activities against the recruitment and integration of minorities in the IDF and the national service.
It also shows that the fund continues to donate tens of thousands of dollars to the “Fighters for Peace” organization, and even increased the donations in 2020. It will be recalled that this organization became famous recently when its operatives confronted IDF soldiers in the Hebron sector, an incident in which SMJD was reprimanded in the sector after it was documented pushing the organization’s operative.

Alon Schwartzer, head of the Research and Policy Division at the If You Will Movement: “This is not the New Israel Foundation, but the Israel Erasure Foundation. He is being tried in the International Court of Justice in The Hague. “

The New Israel Fund said: “We thank you for your distorted campaign. In previous times these campaigns have greatly increased our support. The New Israel Fund opposes BDS. We will continue to invest in civil society organizations working for justice, equality and democracy in Israel.”

The Baldana Association stated: “The association operates among youth, and its goals are clear and transparent and detailed in reports and in the media. As part of one of its activities, a fund was established that aims to ensure adequate legal representation for detainees, most of whom are teenagers, and to protect their families from economic deterioration due to the financial burden involved in legal representation. “


Israel Fund supports organization cooperates BDS

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