Saudi mental sociology between rules and variables

The Saudi mindset for those who wish to know it has entered the transformation phase years ago, and has clearly realized the importance of this path, and it is interacting with it with faith.

Imagine that someone invites you to his house for a meal and then asks you in the end to pay him the value of this meal. cruel and unpredictable, and no one in society would be able to engage in such behaviour; Being a major scratch in the whole system of societal relations, and here comes the important question about why the individual mentality rejects this behavior..? Varying interpretations will explain the rules of this societal value, and there will be no similar answers. Almost everyone will have a specific response to the idea of ​​paying for dinner to the person who invited you to his house, but the only common among them is a rejection of the behavior.

We are at a crossroads between a societal constant and a behavioral variable, especially that many individuals will feel confused or pressured to explain personally why this behavior is inappropriate or even the extent of its appropriateness in the future? This is the case of natural societies, where every societal change leads to the emergence of an intellectual and philosophical debate that can develop into an ideological confrontation, and how many cultural questions to research about which proposed models for change are most appropriate to achieve results, and perhaps this approach brings us to the Saudi mentality that many analysts believe Outside and inside society, it is today living in an acute state of conflict between rules and variables, and this idea is not accurate for several philosophical and intellectual reasons. First: Saudi society is not the only one in the world or the first to experience change and transformation. Second: The necessity of linking the historical stage that Saudi society is going through with the effects of technological developments and technical modernity that contributed to the acceleration of the wheels of change that in the past were slower in their movement. Third: The past four decades were a phase of intense and focused change, and it was proceeding at a faster pace than planned. Fourth: The options of the past decades were very narrowly confined between the idea of ​​right and wrong, and there was no room for a gray area for discussion. Fifth: The societal mentality arose and felt a great deal of anxiety and change, and this mentality learned from the past that it is being directly targeted. Sixth: The diversity of sources of guidance and awareness created major intellectual differences in society, so the division of society, instead of being according to the degree of wealth, education or societal degree, became an ideological division for the most part subject to intellectual dependence and loyalty.

This image contributed to the promotion of the confrontation between the rules and the variables into a societal crisis, and this is unimaginable; Because such a philosophical rift does not apply its conditions to the Saudi mentality, which has identity, characteristics and thought mechanisms that cannot be certain that it can lead to a confrontation between rules and variables. Saudi society is linked to a political history that is still present in its mindset, and this history has greatly contributed to distinguishing Saudi society from other societies, especially that the modern Saudi mentality was built according to clear perceptions about the political entity and its relationship to the societal entity, in addition to the complete belief that the iron-interlocking relations between the components of this society are considered a unique case, and therefore we must believe that the Saudi mentality is different in its experience, performance and dealings, and is capable of diversifying its options in transformation processes.

The Saudi mentality is going through a rapid transformation phase today. It is not easy to control all its aspects in terms of influence and vulnerability, but the permanent fact is that the Saudi mentality is receptive and capable of achieving achievements, but at the same time it is a curious, exploring mentality, and from here it must be dealt with accurately, the behavior and in any direction In the Saudi mentality, it does not explain the degree of its acceptance or rejection of transformations, and society may need several years to get used to the appropriate ways in order to bring about the required change processes, especially since the world has become incapable of any form of intellectual isolation in one of its corners, not for a conspiratorial reason. Or hidden plans, but for a simple reason that the world’s greatest technological inventions today, in the field of social communication and cultural dissolution, have become like clouds spread in the universe raining without permission from societies.

This stage is a stage of social intellectual treatments away from the rush to achieve quick results. Humans need time and patience to change them. The Saudi mindset for those who wish to know it entered the transformation stage years ago, and clearly realized the importance of this path, and it interacts with it with faith, but all that This mindset needs deep reading to guide it towards the exact path that achieves the desired results.

Quoted from “Riyadh”

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