An inmate is found dead in his cell: an outstanding president accused of rape

Fanta Terfa, accused of rape who ran for custody until the end of the proceedings at Rimonim Prison, was found dead in his cell today (Sunday). Forfeit served as an officer in the Paratroopers Brigade and was an outstanding president, and was charged with rape and other sexual offenses on three women.

Here News was reported last week that it appears a plea deal will be signed with a foreclosure, under which he will confess to assaulting and raping two of the women – in exchange for deleting the third charge. The prosecution sought to advance his hearing and the plea deal was expected to be presented this coming Tuesday in court. The State Attorney’s Office also requested the position of the victims of the prey for the settlement that was formulated, and they gave their consent.

The prison service said: “The prisoner was found unconscious in his cell. After unsuccessful resuscitation attempts, his death was determined on the spot. The incident will be investigated as usual, and a notice was given to his family.” His lawyer, Eddie Avinoam, said: “Apparently his emotional and mental strength did not stand him in his difficult time.”


inmate dead cell outstanding president accused rape

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