Saudi Arabia does not tire .. So what are you doing?

Saudi Arabia does not tire .. So what are you doing?
Saudi Arabia does not tire .. So what are you doing?

As a Saudi citizen, I have the right to be proud of my country for its accomplishments, successes, and honorable positions at all levels. Not one article or dozens of articles will suffice to list these achievements and positions or even a small part of them, but I may be able to shed light on the tip of the iceberg of its huge credit and its honorable record in the energy file and what is related to it. First of all, it is necessary to know that Saudi Arabia always works with responsibility and commitment to balance oil markets and prices to serve producers and consumers alike.
The fair people are certainly aware of this, but there are those who always seek to ignore this fact or ignore it or marginalize it, but as it was said, “The sun is not veiled by a sieve.” History bears witness to this, as the oil markets have gone through many crises, whether in short supply that led to high prices to large numbers that do not serve consumers, or because of its abundance that led to lower prices to levels that do not serve the producers.
Saudi Arabia has had a leading and historical role that cannot be ignored or bypassed. It suffices to point out here what Saudi Arabia did in the midst of the Corona pandemic, which dragged the global economy from vein to vein, and the oil markets were not immune from it, as oil prices reached historical low levels below zero for American crude, Saudi Arabia worked with wisdom and commitment and united efforts from within. “OPEC” and outside it to ration production, which led to a gradual equilibrium of the markets, and the fruit of this blessed effort is what we are currently witnessing, as oil prices exceeded the barrier of $85 per barrel.
Saudi Arabia has not and will not neglect its leading role in preserving the environment and raising the efficiency of production and consumption of various energy products. A few days ago, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman announced, at the Green Saudi Initiative forum, Saudi initiatives that will contribute to protecting the environment and facing the challenges of climate change. The Crown Prince also announced Saudi Arabia’s accession to the global commitment regarding methane, which aims to reduce its emissions globally by 30 percent.
With regard to the energy sector, the Crown Prince referred to initiatives that will contribute effectively to reducing carbon emissions by 278 million tons annually by 2030, and Saudi Aramco announced reaching net zero emissions from its operations by 2050, and net zero emissions by 2060. This The gulf of Saudi Arabia’s leading and pioneering role in the field of energy and environmental preservation, as it deals with this important file and strategy with prudence, responsibility and balance. Aware of the importance of renewable energy, but without underestimating the importance of fossil fuels, especially oil, as Aramco President Amin Al-Nasser stated that Aramco will work to raise its maximum production capacity to 13 million barrels per day.
Saudi Arabia is fully aware of protecting the environment, but not at the expense of global energy crises that may take the world back to the Middle Ages. Global energy security and the protection of the planet are two issues that are important to everyone without exception, but I hope that the world will deal with them with practical steps and follow the example of Saudi Arabia, because the resounding statements will not raise the efficiency of energy production and consumption, and will not purify the atmosphere of carbon.


Saudi Arabia tire

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