Global welcome for the Saudi initiative to reach net zero emissions

Global welcome for the Saudi initiative to reach net zero emissions
Global welcome for the Saudi initiative to reach net zero emissions

BBC: Saudi investments worth billions to preserve the environment

Financial Times: New and ambitious climate targets

The Edge: Riyadh..a green and sustainable capital

Bloomberg: A giant plan to support electric cars

Yahoo Finance: A Leading Global Hydrogen Energy Project

Leader Post: A new Saudi push for the “COP-26” climate summit

Kawa News: A real ecological paradigm shift

Business Record: Investing in energy and caring for the climate

Widespread positive reactions spread to the initiative launched by His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, Crown Prince, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense, and Chairman of the Supreme Committee for Green Saudi Arabia, in which it aims to reach the Kingdom’s zero emissions goal by 2060, with the launch of a package A wide range of initiatives achieve this climate ambition.

International newspapers and websites highlighted these reactions, stressing that the Kingdom’s decision to reach carbon neutrality is a milestone, due to the pivotal role that Riyadh plays as the largest exporter of crude oil, in addition to the possibility of encouraging more countries in the region and the world to follow suit by launching similar climate goals. In this regard, “Al-Youm” newspaper has translated the most prominent responses from international newspapers and websites to the Saudi initiative, as follows:

big welcome

The beginning was from the BBC website, which confirmed that His Highness the Crown Prince stressed that the Kingdom will invest more than 180 billion dollars to reach the goal of zero emissions. Saudi Arabia joins more than 100 countries that have committed to reaching the goal of carbon neutrality, where net zero emissions mean no more greenhouse gases are being added to the atmosphere.

The BBC said: “The Kingdom’s goal is achieved through a combination of reducing emissions by reducing gases such as carbon dioxide, which are released in the use of fossil fuels, and so-called compensation measures, such as planting trees, and carbon capture technology.”

The BBC website quoted Richard Black, senior associate at the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit (ECIU), a UK-based think tank, as saying the kingdom’s net-zero target was “very welcome”, and noted that Saudi Arabia “needs to publish a plan for how achieve that.”

The British site pointed out that China and Russia also plan to reach net zero emissions by 2060, and the site said: “The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s step represents a major transformation,” noting that the goal will be reached – according to the Kingdom’s plan – without affecting “the stability of global energy markets.” “.

The country will also reduce methane emissions by 30% by 2030, he added.

His Highness the Crown Prince was quoted as saying that the plans will depend on “the availability of technologies required to manage and reduce emissions.” Earlier this year, the kingdom said it would reduce carbon emissions by switching to renewable energy and planting billions of trees.

new goals

And from the BBC to the Financial Times, which indicated that this announcement was made just days before the opening of the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow, and the meeting of the Group of Twenty leaders in Rome, with the Kingdom’s participation in both.

The newspaper highlighted the Crown Prince’s pledge to spend 700 billion riyals (187 billion US dollars) on a set of “new climate goals”, including reducing carbon emissions by 278 million tons annually by 2030.

The FT added: “Saudi Arabia has said it will also reduce its emissions of methane, a powerful greenhouse gas released when hydrocarbons are produced, joining a US-led agreement to reduce methane emissions by 30% this decade.”

The global newspaper pointed out that the new net-zero emissions target is unlikely to change Saudi Arabia’s position as the world’s largest exporter of crude oil, because these exports are usually excluded from the emissions that are measured.


Reactions continued with “The Edge” newspaper, which highlighted the future of Riyadh as a “green and sustainable” capital in accordance with the ambitious vision of His Highness the Crown Prince, and the site said that the announcement, made by His Highness, the Crown Prince, was strategically timed before the start of the global climate conference COP26. Held in Glasgow, Scotland.

The website added that His Highness the Crown Prince pledged that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will plant 450 million trees and rehabilitate vast areas of land by 2030, reducing carbon emissions annually, and turning Riyadh – landlocked – into a more sustainable capital.

The website quoted Fahd Al-Rasheed, head of the Royal Commission for Riyadh, as confirming that the goal, which was announced last Saturday at the beginning of the Saudi climate conference, is part of a plan to halve carbon emissions in the city of 8 million people over the nine years. coming.

Pioneering initiatives

The pioneering role played by Riyadh’s initiatives continued to be played by Yahoo Finance, which quoted the Bloomberg news network as confirming that at least 30% of cars in the capital, Riyadh, will be electric by 2030, according to the kingdom’s giant plan, as the state seeks to Reducing greenhouse emissions.

“The goal of promoting electric cars in Riyadh comes as more countries try to reduce or phase out internal combustion engines powered by gasoline and diesel, with China aiming to become 25% of cars,” Yahoo Finance said, quoting Bloomberg. Electricity by 2025, and the UK plans to end sales of new fossil-fuel cars by 2030. “We want to make sure we reduce our carbon footprint, and this is the best way to do that,” Al-Rasheed said in an interview with Bloomberg.

The global economic website pointed out that the sovereign wealth fund in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been investing in electric vehicles for several years now, including the support of Lucid Motors, a competitor to Tesla, as part of the Kingdom’s expanded efforts to expand its green investments.

hydrogen energy

Another article in Yahoo Finance highlighted the main Saudi focus on one of the world’s largest natural gas projects, which will rely on the manufacture of blue hydrogen, as the kingdom ramps up efforts to export a fuel seen as crucial to the transition to green energy.

The site said, “A large part of the gas from the development of the project, worth $110 billion, will be used for blue hydrogen,” according to the Minister of Energy, Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman. The fuel is manufactured by converting natural gas and capturing carbon dioxide emissions.

And the website quoted Prince Abdulaziz as saying: “The Kingdom is the biggest adventurer when it comes to blue hydrogen.” “We are focusing our money on investing in hydrogen,” he added.

The site said that the recent Saudi initiatives confirm how the Kingdom seeks to support clean energy and sustainable projects.

Batch for “COP-26”

In a related context, the newspaper “Leader Post” described the decision to reach the Kingdom to carbon neutrality as “a boost to the COP26 climate summit”.

“The energy supply crisis the world is facing has given the country and its allies in the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) more reason to redouble the focus on the transition to clean energy,” the newspaper said.

While developing countries seek about $100 billion annually to help finance the energy transition and build resilience against climate change, Saudi Arabia will not look to benefit from these grants. It quoted Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman, Minister of Energy, as saying: “We do not seek grants. We do not seek funding. We do not seek any monetary support,” noting that the Kingdom will provide support to combat climate change.

starting point

As for “Kawa News”, he said that October 23 will be remembered as a starting point for a real ecological paradigm shift, after witnessing the inaugural edition of the Saudi Green Initiative Forum in Riyadh.

And the site quoted energy consultant Ethan Trainor, as saying: “We have to be realistic. We are talking about a country that is a leader in the production and export of oil, and we need to emphasize the importance of being able to bring such a country to the negotiating table. The Kingdom is a country that has the will and the means – financial and political – to achieve its goals.”

Business Recorder agreed with him, noting that “the Kingdom does not see any contradiction between investment in energy and concern for the climate, as Riyadh seeks to develop technologies that allow the consumption of oil and gas in an environmentally friendly manner.”

The World Economic website concluded: “The Kingdom seeks to be a reliable source of all forms of energy.”

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